who wants to meet me and Laystar at Excel


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Aug 1, 2004
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milton keynes
me and laystar will be meeting at Excel on 5th september...anyone else wanna meet us there :) if we arrange a stand to meet at and a time will be good fun!!!

Im up for that, I wanna meet as many of you as poss, put faces to names xx
im going on sunday ill be wearing laystars geek badge so say hello anyone who sees me xx
Hiya girls, ill be there on the sunday too, have too say putting faces to all these post etc will be fun. Looking forward to buying some new bits and especially looking forward to a Bagel from the bagel shop mmmmmm very very highly recomended(cream cheese and crispy bacon)lol...
I'd like to meet up to, would be good to put some faces to names!

whos gettin the train to liverpool street a few of us are meetin there xx
Um, not sure - travelling from Hertfordshire, have never got the tube on my own before (sad I know!!!) :-(
Ill most likely be there on the Sunday too!
Hey Sarah Lou ... Ill be the other one with the rash :lol:
hi nat you prob be gettin the rail to liverpool street then get on the tube you could meet us there at liverpool street xx
Cool. Have you pre-registered your tickets, I havent yet!
I went to last years exhibition with my mum, don't think I can pursuede her this time to come with me and I think hubby is out of the question so would be good to meet up with some people!
yeah registar now nat as there a cut off point in august i think me and sarah lou r travelling from the same station so meet ya at liverpool street xx
Lol Gloria,

No-one will be able to miss us will they, hey we can do dot to dot on each other
Yep I will be there with Comping buddy Liza....so Layla will know where to find us lol.........
Can't wait xxxxx
I will be there on Monday to, for a little retail therapy..............
So I am looking forward to meeting loads of geekies and geekers lol.............
im going up on the sunday would love to meet all geeks i possibly can lol
im getting the train from Milton keynes to Euston..where do i go from euston..what tube do i need to get anyone willing to meet me at euston...im scared i might get lost lol

I'm goin on Monday with Caz, so looking forward to that if anyone wants to meet.
I'll be there on the sunday, hope to bump into all u's!!!

I cant wait, at least when i get back from hoilday i will still have something to look forward too!!!

Lisa xxxx
Im going up on the Sunday and cant wait have never been before so very excited x x
hi marc if you go on line you can find a tube planner and it will tell u how to get there from euston. you have to get on the jubilee line travel to canning town station change to dlr link and travel to custom house (excel). hth xx
i wanna go but havent got any money left! sob sob! just spent all my dosh on an airbrush and compressor followed by a course with chocolate, a practice hand and just got a su-do body art airbrushing kit off ebay that was so cheap i couldnt afford not to have it! lol. Dont even have the dosh for the ticket at the mo.........when's the next one in London? are they only once a year?

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