A lesson to be learned, sorry long post


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Good luck to both of you in finding somewhere else. Where would I be without your help Ruth with the Silks. :salute:
thank you Suzanne
yep all looks good so far
Love Ruth xxx
I am so sorry :( about what is happening... BUT, I can think of many positives to this - there are places crying out for teks with your ability; or what about your own place? you will have no problem and now that you know your 'cut-off' date so-to-speak, you will a small amount of time to at least try and look (i know booked clients etc - easier said) but seriously - I have always thought that when you learn a skill like nail enhancements, you will ALWAYS have the ability to make money - call 020 7385 2488 and ask Angelica if she knows of ANY salons in your area!! People often post notices in the OSNS in Hammersmith!!! Thinking of you both x :salute:
so sorry to hear of your troubles, best wishes in relocating and good luck!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well guys and gals :( .............................
Now here is a lesson to be learned. :!: ..................
About space renting in a Tanning Shop Francise ...........
So the sorry tale beginns............
Faye and I have got two concessions within the Tanning Shop Francise and have been doing great.Been there since 1994 :D

In January we where told, that having the nails concession is against The Tanning Shop Francise agreement,(the agreement states no other service other then tanning to be offered) but not to worry as long as we are low key which we are, nail station at the back of the shop, there is no problem. (I.E. No Neon signs in the window.)There wasn't, as all our advertisment was word of mouth, Website and the shop girls advertised for us. So we made a good living and had no problems of great. ;)

Now wait for this, the shop as you can imagine gets very hot in the summer months 35C with 5 stand up sunbeds running 10 hours a day, so the owner had coolers and fans all over the shop, but it still gets very hot in there. :oops:

:idea: So she put up an air extraction unit in the back window,extractors over the booths, the only snag was, it made the shop look dark, dingy springs to mind, at the back. Still no problem, lights, lights and more lights. The Temp is down, so we are thinking great all those clients who didn't return because of the heat will come back. Send out Emails and personal calls, to all and spread the word, the shop is great now. :!:

So now after all this we are thinking, great we are on track and the business will improve...........................NO

I got called in the office today and was told...... :twisted: ...............
Head office had paid the shop a visit, shop needs to be refurbished, only had that done in November, to messy, to cluttered and nails will have to go or they wont renew her francise license, the clutter is all those air conditioning stuff, the nail station is always clean and tidy and clutter free.
We have till the end of may to get relocated, Faye is to say it mildly gutted, all her clients are well sick, as she has been there for 3 years and loves it, she is well respected by her clients.
So now she is to put it mildly gutted..... :shock: ...............

But what I cant understand is, my second location at the Tanning Shop in Cannon Street, comes under the same rule :?: , but when i asked the owner about that she said I would be fine as the francise license for that shop is current for another 3 years. We pay her a % on what we take, and at the moment that is about £900 a month, so she dont want to loose all of that, I am sure.

;) But I also know that the Tanning Shop is making it compulsory for each franchisee to have a Spray Tanning Booth there as well, and I have a sneaking suspission that's what she will put in it's place. I am thinking refurbishment, new booth, rid of nails to make room,you follow...........

:( So the moral of the story is, get a contract, I didn't as it was a verbal agreement and worked great for 9 years.There are no friends as far as business is concerend only acquaintents(spell)
Get informed about Francise regulations, clauses in there, prohibiting any other service , other then tanning to be offered.
Oh yea and by the way, the beauty room also at that shop can stay..........go and figure :?:

Sorry had to let rip and tell it like it is
Love Ruth

;) P.S. Faye might have a new location at a great shop in the Westend, but what ever happens, she will be nice to all, be professional, and never speak ill of the owner,leave on good terms, it's a small beauty world out there, and they are sure to meet up one day and then she can hold her head up high.............andI am looking for new location too, cant be to carefull now can you, but it wont be far from the current one :idea:
It sounds like things are turning around :D , I've got my fingers crossed for you both. Good Luck!!!
;) Thanks for all the lovley messages, they gave us a great boost.........
Faye is the one that is biting :oops: the bullet most, as I still have got the Cannon Street one, but I feel very unsettled there, what if head office comes in there tomorrow and says the same??? :?:

Now for some good news that Faye had for the day..... ;) ..........
Had some news about a place in the Westend, clients hubby has a Hairdressers there (Wigmore Street) lol, and he is looking for a Nail Tech.,so he will get back to us after Easter, butsaid that he is sure he can work out something for Faye, and then there is an offer from the Hairdressers just round the corner, he is keen too to get Faye in there. 8)

and now for the exiting news I had today :idea:

A very good longstanding client of mine was made redundant, went on a Nail Course and is now looking for a business partner lol.(A propper legal Partner) :!:
She asked me to go into business with her, the shop I have been keeping my eye on is just around the corner from me. Cannon Street EC4, opposite the tube and overhead train station and the bus stop is out side the door. So she is waisting no time, called the estate agent , went to the bank and got all the forms for the financing aso. She said how could we fail with my expertise and her money lol, ;)

Well so all is not so sad in our world :D
I will keep the phone number for Angelica and will call her too. :idea:
Oh boy, I do feel more positive now :sunny:
So thanks again for all the nice messages
Love Ruth ;)
hey good luck...y'now everything happens for a reason...from what you've described you've been pushed to the back of a 'dingy' shop with no signs advertising your skills. sounds awful... now you can flower and bloom....
good luck and lotsa love
Thanks for the lovely message, I now have to be patient and wait .........
boy thats not my virtue, but things do looks promising................

Yes you are right with "being pushed to the back of the shop".
When I first started there 1994, different owner mind, I was in the front of the shop, high visibility. :D
Then new owner 1996, re-designed the shop, not a clue about the revenue nails could bring to her shop, moved the station to the back of the shop. :(

So this is devine intervention, to tell us, hey girls , get your butts into gear, there is a big nail world out there, so go and get em.

Scary but also exiting :oops:
Will keep you posted
Love Ruth

How could we fail with all those nice messages of good luck :!: :!: :!:
Hey Ruth just another thought (good one), if you open your own salon you'll be able to offer your newly acquired L&P skills (yipee!)

Dizzy Dellie
Sounds like you've got an exciting time ahead of you!

Good luck and best wishes,

You Know what they say. There is always something better round the corner. As for the Tanning shop, they will miss you more than you will miss them.
I wish you both all the luck for your future. I am sure you will be just fine.

Love Sharon XX

Just wondered how things were going for you? :?:

Hope you are sorted now or least getting there, I (like everyone else) has had my fingers crossed. :thumbsup:
Well girls and boys,
I must thank you all so much for all your positive thoughts.
boy did they work.............................

Here is the update.......................

Had an offer to relocate to the westend, but turned it down, various reason to long to go into.

So here is what happend next...................

4 years ago I got my friend a nice job in a great Hairdressers around the corner from my soon to be vacated spot.
I mentioned to her whats been going on, she in turn mentioned it to chris the owner.
Well he just said, wow thats great...............lets get the girl in here....
He knows her standard of work is high, as most of our clients go there to have their hair done. They are always showing of their nails. So next thing I know, got a phone call this wednesday, went straight round in my lunch.
Told him the story and he said, well Faye is talented and wasted in there, we need her in here.
Showed me where he thought the station should be, right in full view, large area, her own larger then life retail cabinet, storage space downstairs for all the bulk items.
Then we discussed the terms, same as the previous shop, just a percentage.
So I said great I need to get the station ordered and the chair and the shelf aso. So we sat there and picked out the furniture.
He is ordering it in for me, I will pay him onces the stuff arrives. NoVAT.
We have an agreement, that for the first three month we will do it on a trial basis, then after that formal contract.
Well so Faye is officially relocating about 5 doors down the road.
Start date is the first Monday in June.
There is another room downstairs, that we might be able to use for any other services we would like to offer. Airbrush Tanning springs to mind.
With the same rent as the nail business.
So I am so pleased, Faye will be in an fantastic professional workplace, where nails is a recognised business and not just shoved to the back.

As for Fayes clients, well they are over the moon. When she leaves Ludgate they wouldn't have been able to get their nails done there, as she is stopping nails all together. So in this case all her clients will follow her and will still be able to book their appointments as usual up until the move, they will just have to pop round the corner , to the new shop in June.

So thanks again,
massive positive thinking is the power of tomorrow

Lots of love Ruth xxx
I'm so pleased for you!!! :D

I love to hear a happy ending! ;)
Huggs to Tracy

love Ruth
Way-ta-go Ruthy and Faye, great to hear some good news at last ;-)

I am glad to hear that things are working out so well for you two. The airbrush tanning is an awesome idea....it is such a good money maker and so easy, it is not unusual for me to make more money in airbrush tanning then hair and nails together. Good luck!!!
I am so pleased things are working out for you. I had a similar experience (being put to the back of a shop and all that) without a contract. I now work within a hairdressers, paying % on a trial basis. Things are going well and will soon sort out a contract.
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