Acrylic nails £5!!


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Nov 5, 2011
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I have just been on facebook and seen a girl advertising a full set of acrylic nails for £5!!!!!! And someone asked her if she could soak a set off first and she said she charges only £3 to do that!!! Cheap, inexperienced, uninsured therapists selling themselves so cheaply DRIVE ME MAD!!!!!!!!! How the hell are the rest of us legit therapist supposed to compete with that! I know she will prob not get any repet custom, but still. Its hard enough out there as it is nevermind therapists advertising prices like that! Rant over!

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How the hell are the rest of us legit therapist supposed to compete with that!
Would you really want to? ;)

And obviously we don't - they are completely different.. I hesitate to use the word 'markets' but the people who will have their nails done for £5 are not the type of people who will appreciate and take care of my work. I much prefer using quality products from a company who supports me and encourages me to be the best. I WANT to be the best in my area and I want my clients to realise that. And I'd far rather have one client at £40 than 8 at a fiver!
Listen to linzi! Your always going to get meddlers! I use top quality products and my prices show that, I get the "professional" long term type of clients who prefer to pay for quality! It was only yesterday my friend said so & so is advertising on Facebook tans for £9, my response - good for her! :D
I know im just fed up of being asked how can u do nails for?? My nail prices are my nail prices. And its therapists like her that make clients ask such questions. Just bugs me

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Lordy why does it bug you? It's laughable! Do you compete? I dont, in fact I take no notice of such ridiculous things. Get on with your own business. Why spend so much valuable energy and time looking at Facebook people? Who gives a rats behind what these messers do? Just kiss the ones who query your prices OFF. And move along in the direction you want to go.

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