Can anybody recomend some good cat insurance please

angel fingers

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had our lovely kitten for 4 weeks now and i need to get some veterinary insurance sorted out.
theres so many out there that i thought i would consult the wise geeks for a pointer in the right direction.

what do you think ?


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I used Sainsbury's pet insurance and I never had any problems with the claims and one dog had to take very expensive drugs daily for several years. I never even had to pay the vet upfront the insurance paid the vet directly. hth's


angel fingers

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thanks annie, that does help. i'll check them out.

any more suggestions ?


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When we had our cat we used direct line and they were fab when we had to have him put down. It was a difficult time and they made it so much easier for us.


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I only keep mainly exotic animals and parrots but the insurer Exotics Direct do cover cats and dogs too.

Have never made a claim with them so couldn't say how they respond in that sense but their costs are very reasonable :D

Ruth Mills

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We currently self-insure our cats; we have 7 cats now, and the company we have 6 of our cats insured with hiked the monthly premium up from £28 to £46 - so we thought "forget that for a game of soldiers"! So now I just save £46 into an ISA every month instead.

But then, Murphy's Law struck back in April, when we had to pay around £1000 for vet treatment for our cat Lunar (who funnily enough was the one cat who didn't have insurance before as she is the latest addition to our "zoo" and we hadn't got round to adding her to the old policy). So hopefully we will break even sometime next year!
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Ruth Mills

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But in terms of insurance companies in general, we found Axa to be reasonably priced and offer good cover. That is who our dogs are insured with now. We did have Petplan, but they kept getting more and more expensive, and wouldn't pay out a claim on our St Bernard (Pepsi) on account of a technicality. The company we had the cats with (who hiked the premium up loads back in December) is called Healthy Pets - I think they may be just a broker for other insurance companies though. So my recommendation would be to go straight to Axa if you don't want to self-insure (they have a website where you can apply for cover online).
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Disclaimer - luckily we haven't had to claim yet

We did have Direct Line insurance for the first year but they've hiked their prices by about 20% this year so we've moved to Animal Friends. They're comparible on all levels of cover compared to Direct Line but about 40% cheaper, plus all their profits are donated to animal charities which I like the idea of.

I insure my kitten with Tesco, it started out at about £5 a month (on full cover) and I had to claim over £160 in vets fees back and I had no problem with getting the money back and the premium only went up by £2 a month... which I think is quite reasonable. They are also one of the cheapest insurers (I used go compare) x
I use petplan on my cat, about £7.50 a month for her.
Just about to make my first claim for vets fees so Ill see how they serve lol.

i work now as vet nurse.........and we recommend pet plan..........most claims that come through us are with them and we have never had a problem..the main thing is to check they cover medical conditions for life and not just 12 months..alot of the cheaper insurance companies only coever for 12 months which is no good if you cat developments a life long condition....have also dealt with sainsburys...argos........tesco.........without any probs.............just aviod E&L bad news this one never pays out..xx

I use Tesco pet insurance for all my persian babies. Very reasonable price and on the one occaision that I had to claim (Leo's knee) they were prompt in paying up.

Susie H

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Marks and Spencer. It gripes me to have a high excess to pay when a lot of treatments fall under that amount. Marks have the lowest excess that I've found so far and cover the same as everyone else.
But I'll be checking out Sainsbury's because having the vet paid direct is so much easier:rolleyes:
By the way Susan, PDSA are about half the price of our local vet for treatments and every time you use them it puts money into their funds to help pets who's owners can't afford the bills:hug: