Can you do Gelish and spray tan in same session?


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Oct 12, 2011
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South Wales
I have a friend that wants to book in for Gelish and spray Tan. Can I do Gelish and then spray Tan straight after? Would the Spray Tan affect the Gelish in any way?
I do Shellac and this can be done before tanning without any problems. Good combo as it is instantly dry.
hi yep i do gelish and spray tans in same session you just do nails first. hths
Thanks both of you, I was hoping it would be ok
Yes I also do Gelish first
i do shellac then tan, i make the client wash her hands after the shellac though incase theres any oil or product on the hands to affect the tan :)
I would do Gelish first then the tan. Just remember to not add cuticle oil or hand cream at the end as they will act as a barrier xx
I have a client that comes for Gelish, gel polish, toes who's cuticles are always orange from her spray tan.

Would it be advisable to ask her to put cuticle oil on her toes before she has the spray tan?
Or would you recommend something else to cover them?
An application of barrier cream on hands and feet should be sufficient,I would have thought, and I always use a baby wipe to remove any tan from palms of hands, nails and toenails. x

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