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Jan 27, 2007
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Well I bought my C&E kit and was so pleased that I'd finally got it and the first few treatments have been fine, although I've only done facial waxing so far.

Well today I had a client in, did her eye brow wax, no problem all great. Then I was doing 1/2 leg. After testing the wax again on my inner wrist I applied the warm honey wax to the front of one leg only. I managed to get one strip off ok but the next one wasn't removing either wax or hair!!:Scared: It turned out that the entire application had gone cold, hardened and wouldn't budge!

After a little discreet panic, and wondering what would a Geek do?!:) I thought I'd apply some of the C&E remover. That had no affect at all, so I then applied another small layer of wax, only the size of a strip wide and that worked. But I had to reapply it that way all over the leg to remove it all.

Thank goodness it was a very good, understanding friend and of course I didn't charge her. (The whole thing took me an hour.:eek:

But why did it happen? I used the cleanser and talc first and the wax was at the correct temperature too. I'm dreading my next wax now.:cry:
Hi Debs,firstly where did you have the dial set to?Also how long was it on for?Was it possible that you knocked the dial?
Usually when the wax is too cool the roller wont budge,it kind of sticks in position.

Was the clients skin cool?This sometimes causes the wax to harden and make it more difficult to remove,i.e the big toes,where the circulation isn't as good.

The only thing I can think of was the thermostat is dodgey,allowing the wax to be applied but harden too quickly as it wasn't quite at the correct working temperature.

Dont despair though,we have 2 at the salon and I have one myself and have never experienced any problem that cant be solved with this system.
Debs - do you ever use oil as a skin barrier instead of talc?

This used to happen on me too occasionally - and I found that it was either the clients skin was dry or there skin was cold. since I have been using a small amount of oil on the skin instead of talc this hasnt happened once.

And the clients skin has less reactions too.
Thanks guys. :hug: I think I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight!:lol:

Babs - The unit had been turned on with the dial in the centre for 2 hours. And it felt fine when I tested it on my arm, and it was also ok when I did her eye brows.

It is possible that her skin was a little cool though even though she said that she felt warm.

oey- I have only ever used oil with the Peron Rigot wax, so I have got some and could try it next time. Although until using the C&E system I had never used talc on the legs before.
Hi Debbie
This has only happend to me once and that was because the room we were in was too cool. I swapped from paper strips to linen strips and gave it a really good rub to heat the wax back up underneath, which seemed to work.

Now, I always make sure that my clients know that we need a warm room (I'm mobile) and I don't use paper strips anymore.
I start with one roll from knee to ankle and see how quick it cools. If it cools quickly, I work in single strips. But if all seems normal then I apply to the entire area (about 4 strips) and get waxing!
Do you think the type of strips makes a difference? I used paper ones today but have some fabric if necessary.
Do you think the type of strips makes a difference? I used paper ones today but have some fabric if necessary.
I prefer to use linen I find they mould to the skin easier,never use paper now but each to their own,very good point made by Gelly regarding on how much she waxes in one go.This is exactly what I do if a particularly cold day and client is cold.That and a very good rub on top of wax strip.:green:

Also double check that client isn't suffering from dry skin issues as this can make wax just sit there on the skin and make it a devil to remove the wax,incidently I dont use oil and never have but have had no problems with removing the wax other than due to the cold,dry skin or wax heater not being hot enough.HTH
Personally I prefer the linen strips as I feel that I can feel the contours of the area I am working on better.
They grip the wax better and allow me to buid up friction / heat easier.... I find that paper strips tend to 'pill' when I give them a good rub which usually makes it uncomfortable for me.

There are allot of people who prefer paper strips, but I think that since changing to linen strips I find waxing easier and more comfortable.
I have found that if i have the dial in the middle the wax does cool after the first couple of strips. I now put the dial to the twenty to position and that seems to work fine. Just make sure you check it on your wrist first of all.
Thanks guys. Next lot of waxing I do I shall take it one strip at a time.:)

btw - her legs were fine afterwards, and I applied plenty of their aloe vera and then after wax soothing lotion, but it wouldn't have had a negative effect on her skin would it?

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