CND foundation course day 5 completed


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Jul 16, 2007
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in a house, in a wood, a little old man by the win
At last the first leg of my long journey is completed... day 5 done and dusted and my nerves are intact....just..:lol:

Gigi was a dream tutor and host...doubt I was the dream pupil...I talk way too much....!!!

I took along my 16 year old as my model for the rebalance and if I am allowed to blow my own trumpet... her 3 and a half week old enhancements had no lifting! That was on the ones she hadn't bitten off LOL... just checked my other daughter and neither have hers.... so my 3 hour prep must be worth it !!!!

I had refrained from going near them whatsoever...their hands that is because Gigi wanted to see them in their virginal glory so to speak so I am pleased that so far lifting isn't a problem... :)

Anyway I am extremely excited because I feel that little bit more like a true nail geek...I don't feel like I am trespassing quite so much on the site...heck I might even be able to answer a query...:lol:

Just wanted to tell the world...I am out...and I am proud to be a CND nail geek...:lol:

***Just looked at Marco's nails...and miracously no lifting there either...amazing***
Well done hun,
you sound to be doing really well and you are so lucky to have been trained by the queen of nails herself :hug:'re lucky to have a great teacher so close by you.....onward and upwards now....sounds like you're doing just fine!
Well done - there will be no stopping you now!
Congratulations, and what a way to start your journey xx
Congratulations :hug:

I bet you are so releived (and Gigi too :lol:) :smack: xx
way to go Jo!

Having a great tutor of course helps and you got the best, but you also have to have an aptitude for it, and from what I hear you have that. Just got to try and find you a place to work now, I'll keep an ear out as you know.:hug:

Glad to hear Marco is behaving himself, but is he using his solar oil? :lol:
Well done you :hug:
Well done hun I am so jealous of you having such a fantastic teacher:green:
There will be no stopping you hun :hug:
Congratulations to you

Good to read about the nails not lifting

Well donexxxxxxxx:hug:
Thanks everyone...:hug:

I am so excited....but now I want to do more!!!! Gigi might aswell just set up a spare bedroom for me...:lol:

Marco is actually rather p'eed off with me...because he is actually called MARIO...he can't believe I changed his name...:smack: an extra dose of solar oil and he will be putty in my hands...

Yesterday a fellow mum at school asked if I would do her nails after she saw my own...I have done a NNO on my own nails...and she loved I have to book her an appointment...yay :green:
Well done, and you've got your first client too - Congratulations:hug::hug:
Bravo Jo :hug:
very well done you must be very proud

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