Congratulations to Shelley


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Mar 8, 2005
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Just wanted to let you all know Shelley had a little girl at exactly 3.00am on Wednesday 27th June by c section.

They have called her Katie Grace and they are both doing well!
Congratulations Shelley, Katie Grace is a beautiful name!

I havent seen Shelley on here for a while, nice to know she is doing well :hug:
congratulations shelley!!! xx xx:hug:
Congratulations hunni, Glad you and baby are doing well xx
Congratulations Shelly and welcome to the world Katie Grace.

Gosh, it doesn't seem like 5 mins ago that she told us that she was expecting. time goes so fast.
Congratulations Shelly and welcome to the newest member of our Geeky family Baby Katie Grace:hug:
Aww fab news congratulations Shelley and family :hug::hug:
Congratulations Shelley (& hubby n Daughter :))


All the best, Hunny x
Fantastic news....many congratulations to Shelley and family xxx
Congratulations Shelly
Huge congratulations to Shelley, her new little bundle and the rest of her family :hug:
Congratulations Shelley, Emily and Jim on your new bundle of joy x
Well done Mommy

That has passed quickly and glad to know your both doing well.

enjoy the first few months of getting to know each other its brill.

Love Lisa xxxxx
Congratulations Shelley wishing you all the best with your new addition to the family much love x
Congratulations Shelly xxxxxxxxxx:hug:
Congratulations Shelly xxxxxxxx:hug:
:green::hug:Hugs and congratulations to you all :hug::green:​
Well done mummy and daddy and welcome to the world Katie Grace, you have a beautiful name :hug:
Congratulations to you all:hug:

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