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Apr 25, 2006
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Hi all,

I must be getting brave, this is my second critique post in as many days lol.

This is how I have got my nails at the moment - I know they are probably a bit long but I had them shorter for ages but fancied a bit of a change!

Any opinions greatly appreciated :)

They are still taking me an age and a half to complete at the moment but I am hoping that my timing will get better eventually with practise

I have done about 6 sets on people so far - so I know I have a long way to go lol.
Wow. I think they are beautiful. It looks like you've been doing them for years. Just watch the thickness, some of the nails ae thinner/thicker than others.

Lovely hands & nail beds too.
i think your nails are beautiful, well done! Especially for doing them on yourself
Hi I thought these nails were really good I would be so happy if I could ever produce a lovely set like those,
I really loved the smiles they all looked the same ,well done :hug:
Thanks geeks!

I was actually really chuffed with this set - I also looked at another pic of an older set I did and I could really see a big difference in all aspects.

I just need to do more sets so I can get my damn time down - it's driving me up the wall! lol

In the pic - it looks like all the free edges are different thicknesses - they're not that bad in real life - I will try to get a better pic today if I can .

Thanks again :hug:

I think they look great!! Well done!!
I am having trouble with my times too,,,,,,it's driving me mad!! I can't seem to shift that half hour I want to loose. But I feel as I am doing good nails with little or no lifting at this early stage, then the time will come too!
Good luck with yours!!
What beautiful smile's, some of your nails seem to be longer then others but I think that might be camera angle :) but honestly hun, I wish my smiles were that good on sculpts:hug:
They look lovely well done xx
Thank you all for your comments :hug:

I always end up paying special attention to my smiles - a bit of a perfectionist, well for a newbie anyway! lol

Luckily I have very little lifting at all if any - before I did my course I had it bad and whole nails would just pop off! (which I now know was down to prep)

Thanks again :)


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