Custom blend - how do you do it?

Hi Geeks

I am wanting to know how to create a cover custom blend from my basic products. I don't get many 'bad' nails thank goodness, but ther have been a couple in the past which I thought that I would have preferred to use a cover colour in zone 2 and sometimes 3.

I have tried mixing various quantities of my white and pink and clear powders thinking it would be fairly straight forward!!! I have created some lovely shades of white for custom tips but can't seem to create a cover pink - is this possbile? How do you do it? What mix ratio do you use? Also, is it possible to custom blend gels in the same way to create a cover colour?

So many questions............

L x

Hi Hun,
The best Custom Blend powders I feel are the CND Creative Opaque powders, there is 3 basic colours and you can further blend to perfect your match.
A conversion course with S2 using the custom blends could be good for you. They are so nice to use.
Hope this is of some help.:hug:
Or speak with the company you have trained with, they may have a recipe for a custom blend pink using their colour range. Do they do a coverage pink for nail biters? That mabe your answer. :hug:
Lotsa luv x x x :hug: x x x

I also use the CND Opaque colours xx


Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
I used to mix my own custom blends using a base colour from CND and then customizing it using other colours. So much easier now to just purchase the little kit with all 3 colours premixed for you ... no hit and miss or waste.