Did I do the right thing, ignoring the call?


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May 12, 2011
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I just had a call to my business mobile, today on a Sunday, at 0745 in the morning. I ignored it as I've just woken up and had my baby in my arms.
Should I have answered it? I launched my business a week ago and have been trying to make an impression across twitter and had my first enquiry last night at midnight via it.
I think it may have been the same lady but I just thought that I can't start answering the phone that early on a Sunday or when I do get busy o'm going to be answering the phone at all hours and clients will just expect it!
I hope I did the right thing....
Yes you did the correct thing if you want work life balance. You could always call the number back on Monday and ask if you can help with anything. Otherwise they will be ringing you Christmas day lol xxxx
yes you did the right thing. If you was working in a salon they wouldn't expect an answer at that time.

If there is a number call her back at a time convenient to you, and if she mentions calling you tell her that you was caring for your baby at the time (hopefully she'll fell guilty).

When I started mobile I felt awful if I missed a call now I understand it's going to happen. If it was a salon you could shut at 6 and someone would call at 6.05.

I usually give till a certain time each night then I won't answer but call the person back the next day, same on saturdays and most sundays I don't answer at all. We usually go out for sunday dinner so I don't take my phone with me (I have one normal and one work phone).

People think they can call you whenever they want because you're "just" mobile. You're not "just" mobile you are a professional business and as such have a set hour working week.
Thank goodness.
This could be my first client and even though I'll work on a Sunday, 0745 was a little early.
I also woke up with a terrible migraine coming on with flashing lights (I think from all the stress and how busy i've been on my computer launching my business) and could barely see so I don't think I would have made much sense talking about what gel overlay I recommend for her.
You can't answer each and every call, it's just not possible, what if she had called when you were working and with another client? You wouldn't be doubting not taking the call then. And I definitely wouldn't have taken the call at that time on a Sunday.

I have recorded a message on my phone that states the usual cannot take your call at the moment etc but I also say that I may be with another client and will return their call at the earliest opportunity.
You could record a similar message stating your opening hours perhaps so that people know when they can expect to reach you. I wouldn't mention caring for your baby, that's information she doesn't need to know and as much as us Mum's adore our kiddies, those who maybe don't have them can be put off if they think you're not seeing to their queries because of them.
So quite simply, apologies you weren't around to answer her call but your opening hours are XXXX or something like that.
I personally, would never call any tradesman, therapist etc on a Sunday, let alone at that time of the morning unless it was needing an emergency plumber or such like or I knew that they worked on a Sunday and the times they were open.
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You definitely did the right thing. I have my own salon but my contact number is a mobile (separate to my own) I have a similar message "sorry I can't take your call right now" etc etc and when I do ring them back I explain I've been busy with clients but apologise for not getting back to them sooner.

Also when I'm not open I turn my phone off and when I get back into work and reply to them I explain that I'm closed on a Sunday/Monday and don't answer my phone out of opening hours which is why I haven't got back to them sooner. As long as you're polite about it, it should be fine :) We all deserve a day off.

Good luck with your new venture though, business will be booming in no time :)
Yes you did the right thing!

You need to start as you mean to go on, so had you answered the phone that client would think you're available 24/7.

Best of luck with your new business. :hug:
As Planky has said you need to have a voicemail message stating your business hours asking people to leave a message, and then only get back to them within your stated hours.
Calls at midnight and 07.45 on a Sunday are just unacceptable, but people won't know that until you set your hours/boundaries!
Just to add in another thought to the mix. Please dont think badly of your client for calling at these unacceptable hours. There are many people who will call when the thought comes into their heads, they dont actually expect anyone to answer and are sometimes surprised when they do. I have had this a few times where people have been very apologetic and said, I expected an answerphone message.

In the olden days when people had thoughts they would write them down to remember to do something, nowadays some people will pick up the phone and leave a message so then the responsibility for remembering something falls on the shoulders of someone else, you for example to return her call.

Hope that makes sense LOL.
I've just had a call now... Ignore, it's Sunday for Gods sake. I don't work Sundays, it says my times and days on my answer phone and to not leave a message but to call back between these hours/days.
She has left a voicemail anyway!
Maybe as your answer phone MSG state hours your available to for consultations, that if your unable to take the call please leave a MSG and that you will happily call them back an answer any questions at the end of your day.

I'm glad I work in salon because you don't have to have that discipline of cutting off once your out of work your done. But my Dad works for himself and has to say to himself right once it is x'oclock I'm done-this is my time.

Especially when starting up you need to be firm with yourself so it doesn't take over, all the best with it
You did the right thing as everyone has said already and to be honest you were not in an appropriate position to take the call and give it your best. I too run a home salon and mix family life trying to give all things my very best and 100% comitment, but in all honesty I have learnt that trying to be available every second of the day to everyone dose not work on many levels and can almost appear desperate, which in turn can lead to you not calling the shots and feeling in control or being able to give you best and enjoying your new business. Its not the clients fault, they think and dial and thats what we are advertising and want them to do, but we need to set the boundaries to be able to enjoy what we are doing and give our best or you will end up hating it and feeling stressed.

Make a message as said and if they leave a message they are worth ringing back and genuine in my experience. Also don't feel obliged to drop everything in a state of panic for a prospective enquiry/appointment. People aren't obliged to know your every movement and it is better to strike a home life/work balance so everyone, INCLUDING YOU, gets the best out of it.

Good luck xxx
I always switched my phone off when I didn't want to answer it. That way it would go straight to voicemail for client to leave a message and I wouldn't get disturbed.
Thanks. God I love this site, everyone is so helpful and reassuring!
I tried ringing her back at 1000 but it went straight through to voice mail, so I text her very politely saying,

'Hello, this is The Magenta Room.
Sorry I missed your call. If you have any queries I can help you with feel free to give me a call or a text and I'll be sure to get back to you.'

I'm thinking maybe she was on a night out last night and got back thinking, nice nails now! Lol. Either way, I don't mind as it's lovely to get interest in my business this early on but you are right in setting the ground rules and not answering all through the night and early hours! X
I wouldn't dream of ringing someone that early on a weekday, let along on a flaming Sunday!

Enjoy your baby and your free time and leave the answerphone to pick up calls like this. As long as you ring back quickly (and that could be Monday, or later on the Sunday if it suited you) there is no problem.

I tend to think if a client will call you at that time on a Sunday, they might be on the phone late evenings, Bank Holidays, Christmas etc

I think you did the right thing, without question. Work hard at your business but don't be a slave to it. Having a tiny baby is a special time to be treasured, don't compromise that. x
Ooo she has just twittered me again! I gave her some good advice reference her lifting Bio Sculpture so hopefully I'll have my first client. If not then it's all life experience.
Good points arementioned here. However, I would suggest to look at the situation in a different way.This is highly competitive industry and I do believe it is important to answer the phone whenever it rings. Especially when you are just starting out. From my experience of being mobile and home-based for 3 years, by the time you return your call or voicemail the prospect will find somewhere else to call and book.
My practise is to keep my work mobile on wehenever I am awake. I would not look at the phone and say: "well, it is 5 minutes before start of my working hours! Let it ring!"

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