Do you believe the hype?


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Jan 16, 2008
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We seem to be in an ever changing industry with new treatments & companies coming & going all the time.

Do you tend to believe the hype when some thing new comes out or are you more cautious & would rather wait to see how it all pans out?

A couple of things spring to mind: Semi permanent mascara. Not so long ago, this very forum was full of how wonderful, marvellous, fantastic it was but now? Nothing. Don't hear much about it on other social media sites either.

Spray tan companies seem to come & go. One month everyone is full of X company, 2 months later you hardly hear then get mentioned, then it's all about Y company.....

For those of you that have got caught up in the hype & gone along with whatever is THE best new product, company whatever, have you been happy you've gone with that choice?

If you haven't been happy for whatever reason, would you do anything about it? Or would you feel a nincompoop for believing the hype?

Are those that shout loudest actually the best or are they just good about shouting about themselves?
I have certainly followed a few hyped up products.
The two that spring to mind are glitzy lips and shellac.
One I love and use everyday and people love, one was a complete waste of money as it was to smears to use and clients just couldn't do it as easily as it was supposed to be.
Will I do anything about it? well I won't purchase the one which is of no use to me but continue with the one I think deserved the hype

Well think we've all been carried away with things be it in professional life and personal life.

Who watches the selling channels like get carried away with the almost orgasmic wave of enthusiasm...

I tend not to buy into the latest craze, I tend to try before I if I can research some new treatment, get the sales rep in or book in annonymously to try a treatment then I do.

I also have a 'nose' for whats often am the first one to start something, but go with gut. Look how popular and prevelant Indian head massage is now, I was one of two people in the NE of England to do the training.

and lets not forget the moisturiser ads on tiny writing they state 83% of people recommend up then underneath "tested on 12 people"
I don't always believe the hype but must admit i was totally swept up in the semi perm mascara thing. Am annoyed that i was cause was a hell of a lot of money down the drain as far as i am concerned. Also annoyed that i am usually very careful about how i spend my money and what courses i choose to spnd it on! I did wait a bit to see how it panned out but obviously not long enough!

I'm no longer offering Myscara. Had a woman phone the other day for it but just told her i was no longer offering it. She didn't question why not and i didn't tell her. Never thought the curlers ever gave an adequate curl although i saw a nail tech yesterday who had it from me and she said it lasted well but she preferred her normal mascara. She had a perm before myscara application so i think then it works well.

I wasn't happy, did i do anything about it? The answer unfortunately is no! Think it is impossible to get anywhere when so many people are raving about something so i didn't bother. Although for that amount of money i should have done!

Have i learnt a lesson about not jumping on the bandwagon? Yes i certainly have and won't be making that mistake again!
Definitely glitzy lips, total waste of money for me!! Love shellac though and individual lashes were the best thing that happened to my life :)
It's got to have to live up to the hype for me. I'm not one to be taken in by hype alone. That just brings it to my attention and allows me to investigate. It's the same for everything in life for me.
I definitely wait to see and read reviews before I spend my hard-earned cash on what could end up to be a fad must-have!
Shellac for me has been a sure-fire way to increase my client base, but the best thing I have invested in are eyelash extensions. My clients always say to me 'oh god, please dont ever stop offering them'.
I like to be one of the first to offer new services but I do do some research first.
If things turn out to be a fad then if I got in first then I will recoup my costs and make a profit.
There have been times when I've made a big mistake.
Crybaby and Glitzy Lips are the only 2 so far. Luckily Glitzy Lips wasn't a big investment.
Crybaby was a lot of money and I lost out on that.
If it had been the next big thing though then I would have been the first to offer it in my area and would have got in there first.
Some things you don't entertain like Garra Ruffa Fish.
On the whole I've done well out of what I've invested in.
I don't believe a lot of the hype with things. I do my homework and then make my own mind up.

I, like hippy-chick and angelina, really like to be first in my area to offer a treatment.

But I will not be taken in until I have thoroughly researched everything that i need to. I hate just wasting money.

I also tend to only offer treatments that I would personally like to have - glitzy lips, though a fun treatment, is not something that I feel would be a good look on me.
I remember when I was at college Tooth gems were a massive thing. Maybe they still are with teenagers but I haven't seen anyone wearing them for a long time. Other ones I can think of are,

Detox Foot Spas
Eyelash perming - totally underated treatment

And the ones that people have already mentioned.
The only new hype I ever brought into and regretted was cry baby ;( what a total waste of money now iappeal amazing I always like to be first and get new stuff so not a bad out come 1 treatment I still get people asking for it but I tell them this is no longer on offer as to buy more products as been open too long will cost more again ;(
i like to think i'm a fairly shrewd business woman and at this stage i know my clientele and what will work. i do keep up to date with changes within the industry and will invest in something new if i think there is a call for it.
i am dying to train in SPMU at some stage , i just don't think it would be a good move yet .
the one thing i am sorry i didn't get into straight away though was eyelash extensions.
i didn't want to train in them myself as i have enough on my plate and now wonder is it worth while getting an employee trained in as because of supply and demand in my area the charge for them has taken a bit of a nose dive .
i am curious though as to what CND has up their sleeve. they have 4 timings on the new lamp . why? is there a new shellac supplement product on the way or is a change coming to brisa gel or am i making something out of nothing??
i am curious though as to what CND has up their sleeve. they have 4 timings on the new lamp . why? is there a new shellac supplement product on the way or is a change coming to brisa gel or am i making something out of nothing??

At my recent CND training course I asked about the lamp timings :) and apparently it's future technology to enable future products.......thats all that was said :cool:

I no longer jump on the band wagon lol have done in the past and been burned by it so now I always try to think whether or not I would pay as a client for something. If the answer is a resounding no then I don't bother!
Fab question Sarah ,

For me I normally look at WHO is giving the hype !
How genuine it is if I'm still not sure
work out what they have to gain from the promotion ,

When shellac was lunched at the EVENT every body was excited , even educators and some of the CND big wigs , you could see with them it was a genuine OMG product , a game changer.

I also took the dashing diva class at the EVENT you could see the hype was nothing like it had been for the Shellac , Patty yanky nicely flew over to teach us , and it was pleasant , but nothing compared to the attention shellac waS getting ,

So sometimes you can just tell what is going to be hit and miss ,

I didn't try glitzy lips it seemed alot like nail foil and glitter tattoo adhesive ,
It's Never been perfect on nails I thought it would be hard work in the lips , but who know? The lady who makes it has alot of connections through her radio show maybe they will come back with a bigger better bitzy lips :
Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land.
Guess which one I am!
Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land.
Guess which one I am!

Settlers I guess....

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Although i get caught up in the hype and read every thread going about it on here, i am very good at keeping my business head on now. I tend to wait and see what reviews a products or brand gets, trial it myself, ask a few questions and then make my decision...i can't afford not to tbh.

My clients are not the trendy type that are on top of every new thing, so i feel no pressure that way. If i am introducing something new, then I am introducing it to them for the first time. For example, in November i started Shellac and nobody had heard of it.

My most popular treatments tend to be those with immediate, visual results and so i have removed treatments in the past which were not selling, but i had to have stock sitting around for just in case someone wanted it, such as body treatments and slimming wraps.

One other thing i have to remember to think about is, is this something i really want for myself, or is it something my clients would want?

I like to think i've wisened up over the years and so to answer your question, now i hold back until i'm sure.

Great thread btw xx
One of the things that gets alarm bells ringing is when companies do a 'projected earnings table' with their sales pitch. If you do 20 treatments in one day = £2k :rolleyes:. Although I do not dispute it may work for some large city centre salons, you do have to apply this to your situation and area and can be very misleading. The other is their evidence based research - applisonix for example had really poor research that was 'endorsed' by some bigwig but if you read/studied it, there was no real definitive evidence that it worked.

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