Do you unravel hose before tanning?


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May 3, 2011
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west yorkshire
It just occured to me today, whilst i was spray tanning, nothing was coming out of the gun, so i unravelled all the hose which was clipped to the machine, and it started working.Normally i just release enough hose to reach client,but should i be unclipping all hose before tanning for better results.My machine is a 5008 maximist. Thanks in advance.xx:lol:
I've always unravelled the whole thing. I've never thought of doing anything different.
nope i dont, never had any problems x
I always unravel whole tube.
So glad you asked this!!! When I am at a clients house I always unravel it all. Which is a pain and it looks a bit messy - and a bit dangerous, especially if I'm in a tight space and I've got a big long hose that we are both stepping over! However, my husband sprays me and he pointed out that I don't need to unravel it all because the hose isn't twisted or crossed over at all when on the machine. I agree with him and it makes sense but I'm still to scared NOT to unravel it all when spraying a client! Maybe Steve from Nouvatan will see this and will reply as he knows a lot about the guns and machines!
I don't unravel completely & to be honest i find the hose to quite cumbersome. Might be a daft question, but is a shorter hose available??? x
me ten lol.....though when I think about it, the amount of solution that comes out of the hose isn't restricted attached to the machine so I guess its up to you x
Me to always unravel the hose :)))))
I have this machine and don't unravel the whole thing. Just enough to reach the client and not be pulled tight. It works fine.
I have just today had this very conversation with Dawn at Nouvatan as I am so fed up with telling clients to 'watch out for the hose'! It has a goddam mind of it's own and it drives me crazy so I wondered if there was a shorter hose. 'No' is the answer and Dawn's advice was to leave it unravelled where possible. She did say that wrapping it up shouldn't make any difference to the volume of spray etc but that it may put a little too much pressure on the first part of the hose which would have to be 'bent' a bit too much in order for the rest to be wrapped around. I know what I hope it makes sense to the rest of you. xx
Mine gets unwound to about 2/3 of its far away from the tent as poss without making it A dangerous trip hazard reasoning being that the further away , the less tan airborne solution it can suck into it, protecting the turbine as much as possible..yes, I know thers a filter on it, but I reckone evry little helps, as the say.. lol x