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Pink Pink Pink

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May 18, 2006
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Haven't written on the site for AGES, last time I was looking for training as my beauty NVQ did not cover nail enhancements. I eventually found the right course for me at college and start in January. I'm soooo excited!!!!
Anyhoo, my question is about how far do you go with 'the customer is always right?' I found this yesterday and I wasnt sure what I would do in this case, or even if the nails are safe? Is it outside technicians 'boundaries' to tell client they are, well, wrong (for want of a better word).

I'd rather have root canal surgery or stick needles in my eyeballs tbh.
Thank you for sharing :hug:

right I have picked my jaw up off the floor and I am suitably composed again :lol:

Firstly - good luck with your course :hug:

Secondly, in answer to your question - I would never ever go that far to please a client!!! Like some of the comments to the original nail tech - I would never have added my name to those erm erm :eek: words fail me!

Off to have another look :eek:
Oh my god, I would rather have to sit in stirrups for 8 hours than admit to those babies:lol:
OH!!!..she must use a whole pot of white everytime she does them.
OMG! She must just s**t loads of product on them. Wonder how much she charges the client.
Don't they just look nasty but each to their own i guess :eek: And she can still pick her nose!!! How big! :lol:
Good luck on the course hunni. :hug:
Anyhoo, my question is about how far do you go with 'the customer is always right?'
Not that far, that's for sure :eek:

I would NEVER put my name to nails like that, no matter how much my client wanted them, I'd rather they go elsewhere than walk around telling their friends that I did her nails!!!!!!!
OMG just steer clear of this client if you want a good rep!! I have never seen anything so ugly
Holy Smokes!!!
They look like something out of a cartoon, or scary movie.:irked:
If they were a smidge bigger she could use them to plant bulbs.
I had a client come in and order up a set of duck bill nails.
I could never get them wider on the tip/free edge than the width of her nail plate.
Like Christmas trees.