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Jun 26, 2003
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Reading, Berks
Hiya, just wanted to share with everyone my joy at doing the Fabric# Conversion coarse yesterday.
It was a great day with Pamela at Maidenhead. Nice small class (5 of us) thorough info given and plenty of correction on my shabby 'Star Nails' techniques!! Which I might add where plenty!! Another 'Star' victim was also there and she had the same problems as me so that speaks volumes me thinks!!( oooh I sound like a bitter ol' bird!)
Brilliant product and am hoping to convert some of my L&P clients to try it out.
Can't wait to do my L&P conversion next year. It was so refreshing after all this time to get some proper education and get what you pay for!!
Keep it up Creative it's what we all strive for deep down!!
Allison ;-)
Ain't it just Fab.....................
The Fabric#, you can make this system look like L&P, I have even applied it as in infill on L&P clients and now they are hooked...............
Totally compatible.............

The more then white application adds to the total L&P look...forever french.................
I don't know how I ever lived without this, hey we might even get you in the Competition ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabric# has the advantage here over any other Fibreglass/Silk system..........
Sorry to ramble but I just love this Fabric#...........

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
God!! Competion ring!!!!!! I'd completely gag if I had to do that!! Maybe I'll work towards that one aye!!!
I'm really hoping that this Fabric# might give me a bit more confidence at what i'm doing as it takes me so long to do L&P, especially when it comes to rebalance, so fingers crossed! It's reading all your posts that gave me the confidence to go for it and try it out and really inspired me.
just ordered my 'more than white' so I shall play with that one next week. no doubt I shall be on here searching the helpful hints I know you've already posted.
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