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Jun 30, 2003
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Hi guys,

Ok I'm probably gonna look really dim here, but hey it's late and my patience level is at zero!

Ok here goes the question.... How on earth do you get the fabric off the backing paper with 'minimal contact'? :shock: , I had it this way and that, bent in half, screwed up.... I all but threw it out the blooming window!! :x I managed to get it on the trainer finger in the end and it came out lovely, not sure my method would amuse my clients though ;)

I'm booked on a fabric course end Oct (nothing available sooner) so I thought i'd buy the 'try me' kit and have a go. A lot of my clients are scared of acrylic because of the 'non-standard salon' next to me so I really want to introduce fabric asap - HELP!

Thanks :D
Right Hun
the easiest way is................cut a strip to size, use the pointed end of the scissors and go to the corner of the strip, sort of push and pull, it takes a bit of practice..................pull it of the backing paper.........place it back on the strip......... so it looks like a cross , then you have all the time in the world to place it on the prepped nail..................
then proceed as normal.........

I hope this makes sense...................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Guys,

Have just ordered my Fabric# Salon Starter kit today and I am not quite sure what I am going to get for my 60 something quid :oops: . Can anyone enlighten me?
Hi All

Just looked through the 'favorite method of application' did l see right can you really sculpt with silk or fibreglass? how? I have never heard of this and l am intrigued. You really are a clever lot. I'm impressed!!!!
I can't remember at this time of night everything that is in the kit, but I can tell you that you will make your money back in two sets and there is enough for dozens and dozens of sets in the box!!! Plus there is a great pair of very sharp scissors a small selection of abrasives, silk and fibreglass (enough for hundreds) 3 different resins, activators, etc.

You will cover your cost many many times over. Also it is just a brillient system that matches the strength of Liquid & Powder and the beauty - no odour - and so simple to apply a child could do it.
Well love like Geeg said loads ........

I never got the salon kit................. i started with the trial kit and I got 25 sets out of that...............plus a few repairs............
Then just placed orders for the largest bottles they had.............the larger you buy the cheaper it gets............... and I just refill the little bottles....

So you will recoup your money in no time........

love Ruth xxxxxx

You will be pleased with your kit, I bought mine a few months ago, and everything comes with it as Geeg said, and best of all I find it the easiest system to do my right hand with! thumbsup

best wishes
Sue x
So is this system available in North America yet? I guess it isn't :(

Couple more questions if I may:

Do the resins dry up in the bottles easily? I had this problem with my fibreglass system I have used before............

The resins come with the brushes? Mine, I had to put a bead with the nozzle and then spread it with the brush on activator........

Do you have to redo sets every so often? Or the Fabric doesn't age that fast..(free edge separation)

And the most important for me....how do you sculpt with it?????
I really don't use tips anymore :oops: , i find sculpting sooo much faster and easier (I can do a set of french gels in 1:15 min)

Thanks you in advance :D
Hi Anna,

The system is not available yet in N. America but we are working on it and hoping it soon will be. It will be available to buy on line only, at least to start with.

The resins are of exceptionally high quality and I have been using myself, the same bottle for 2 years here in Spain where the climate varies from hot and humid to cold and damp. Not had a problem or complaint re the shelf life. The resins are a pretty translucent pink but do not discolour a white tip.

Everything is brush-on and the brushes are included.

Sets need to be renewed about every 4 months or so. Some last longer depending how well the client takes care of them. Free edge separation has not been a problem as adhesion is phenomenal.

Too complicated here to explain fully, but you use a form like any other sculpt and draw your fabric out over the form. You use three layers of fabric at the tip (criss crossing them) and proceed as normal. They are much stronger than any other wrap and are durable. Repairs if needed are simple using this technique. You can also sculpt without a form if you prefer.

Timing gets quicker with practice. But I would not say the sculpting technique is quicker in the case of fabric#. I seem to do all systems in the same amount of time if using tips. And though I love to sculpt, I prefer to use tips with Fabric#.

Let me know if you want a Kit ... we can arrange to send from the UK. It will make a change for products to be going the 'other way' for a change as 99% of products we buy come from your part of the world!! Let me know. Bye for now!
geeg said:
Plus there is a great pair of very sharp scissors

I would like to know if this is correct as I didn`t receive scissors with my kit. I have to say I didn`t check the contents list on the box either otherwise I would have looked into it earlier
hi ya debs i know you get a set of stork sissors in the salon sized kit was that the one you got? not sure about the trail kit
nickki jonesx :D
No scissors in the 'try me' kit.
Hi guys,

I got my salon kit today and have a sillyquestion :oops: to ask....do I use my regular tip adhesive? I have read the instructions that came with the kit and can't seem to find any reference as to what adhesive to use....sorry if this seems obvious to everyone except me :oops:. I haven't been in the biz long and I look up to all you guys in :D

Oops almost forgot....how much should I charge for a set....in my area Acrylic's & gels range between £30 & £40 a set.

PS I did get a lovely pair of scissors in the kit.
You can use any of the resins to adhere your tips.

BOND is perfect for french tips and when you want a super fast set.
BUILD is for any normal shaped nailplate
BOOST can be used for badly bitten nails and irregular shaped plates when you need to fill in gaps.

90% of the time I use BOND

Charge what you normally charge for your time - in comparison the products cost very little.
Okay, now it's time for my silly question!
Seen as though I haven't been trained in Fibreglass yet, How do you soak them off? :oops:

Thanks for the info on which resin to use....now I can't wait to have a go...as I qualified with EN in Gel and then with BioSculpture should I do the Fabric# foundation or can I do the 1 day 'conversion'?
As long as you`ve done a foundation in 1 system then you only need a conversion for your fabric.

Going back a few posts about my scissors, i had to buy the trial kit cos Loughton didn`t have the salon size when I went to get it hence I didn`t get the scissors
Hi Geeg, Ruth and Faye
How bout - please, please, please (i'm begging here) doing a tutorial on fabric# sculpts as Geeg said it was difficult to explain. I expect a few other Geeks would love to see one - ehh Girls.
do you think that a company will come out with pre cut whites for the job. lol

Thanks Ruth your a Darling for sending me a set of the rules, l never realised just how much is involved. All your help is much appreciated.

take care.
It's quiet simple, use product remover......Acetone..............the same stuff you would use for L&P...........

Smiler, I have send you email with the Fabric# Tutorial info ...hope this helps.......

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Ahh! :rolleyes:

So what do you remove Gel nails with then? :oops:
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