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Jan 9, 2003
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Have just spent the last two days re-jigging the entire site.
It's all been redone in php. Not my favourite... but its the only choice for scripting on this server.

Looking at all the browsers that hit the site, the new additions shouldn't be a problem. If it is... lemme know.

I added an update feature that I find quite cool. Clicking on the link in the upper right corner will take you to a page that will allow you to put in your email address so I can alert you by email when something is added to the site.
My email address link is now in the bottom left corner. Should be the same on all pages.
If you guys notice any broken links... lemme know so I can sort it.

For all those with links to my site (this and the older ones) puhleez update your links :)

On another note:
Thanks for all the support the last week. Got poop loads more hits than I expected and tons of support on the new tutorial section. I'm working on more as I got such a buzz off the response.
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