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May 7, 2007
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Hi all!

Ive started to sculpt a little more and im pleased with my results. Now im just wondering, although this may sound daft. A lot of my clients like the natural look, natural pink or cool pink and such. normally nno's or tip overlays. I suppose you could sculpt and not use white on the tips? But how does this look? maybe i could get them to opt for the soft white. But if sculpting without the white looks ok then i guess i could do that. Hope that makes sense!? Ive not had a play doing this yet.

If anyone could offer any advise, please do. :green:

For a natural looking free edge I use EzFlow Gel in the colour Edge it.
If I inderstand this correctly, then you can sculpt a natural look nail.

Either use a natural looking pink colour (not transparent) or a light white tip with clear or pink nail bed

Gina x
I was thinking of using edge it. would this be ok using with my brisa? Would i need to buff before applying it?
I normally build the apex wipe the smile line on the free edge then butt up my white to the pink then apply clear, buff then top gloss.
i have found that sculpting out in the warm french pink ( brisa)gives a really natural look, and soo easy as you do it all in one go
hth x

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