Gonna burst with excitment!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 1, 2003
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Houghton-le-spring, Tyne and Wear
Can't wait, have now booked (after lots of great advice from everyone on here) to do the creative 4 day foundation course in Newcastle. I start on the 18th of August (18th, 19th, 20th, last day 4th September).

Only work part-time so during my days off and chasing my nearly three year old daughter around the house i will be doing some serious reading so i know a bit more about things :study: . Have invested in the encyclopedia of nails and have also just ordered Douglas Schoon's book nail structure and product chemistry from amazon.

I'll keep you all informed to how i'm getting on and i'm sure there will be loads of questions that i will need to ask :huh: !!!!!!

Thanks for all the help.
Lots of love Linda.x :D
hi ya hun
im so pleased that you chose creative in the end :thumbsup: what a relief !! you will get the best of the best no doubt about it!
make sure you let us know how it goes wont you! :D
Good choice Linda, you won`t regret it. You know where we are if you need any help.........
Wendy Leighton is a great Ambassador and will partner you in your learning!! ;) The learning for us all, never stops - it is never ending and I love that I learn something new every day!! :oops: Have a great experience! 8)
Good luck and enjoy the Course........
It will be a fab expirience and will get you on the road to being a great Nail Tech for shure................

I bet this will be one of many Crative Courses that you will do..........

Great choice in reading material too, well done Hun..........
Let us know how you get on.......

Lots of love Ruth xxxx
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