Great tip for mobile manicure table, thanks to whoever suggested it to me


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nicky's nails

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Jan 18, 2007
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a while ago , i read i thread about the mobile tables with wheels on beig annoying, as you dont need the wheels and they move around too much when doing nails etc

well i aint used mine much, but when i have it does move all over the place especially as i have wood floor lol

anyway someone suggested those castors you put under couch feet to stop them marking the carpet etc, and ive got a proper client tonight (woohoooo) so i was in homebase today and i saw those castor things, but these ones were massive so i figured they might fit over the wheels and they had grips on the bottom especially for wood floor, well they only cost £3.49 so i thought waht the hell

well they are boss, absolutley brilliant, ive glued them onto the wheels (cos i dont want it to move ) and even if they dont stay stuck ill just postition them every time i use it , im well impressed

so to whoever gave me the idea thanks

its fabarooney

just hope my client goes away happy (good job its a rellie eh?) :lol::lol::lol:

have good evening geekys xxxxx
Hi Nicky, well it wasn't me who gave you that idea lol, but glad it's helped you! Sometimes something little like that can make such a world of difference :hug:
Hi!! Where did you get your mobile table from?

Thank you

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