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Jan 6, 2006
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Planet Zog!!!!!
Well geeky friends I am one happy geek :green:

Whilst this might have been better posted in my journal - I thought that the moral of this story is very pertinent at the moment :green:

Some of you know that I have a very old scraggy cat called Bo. I adopted him and his sister (Lucy who has since died) about 2 years ago. They came to me aged 14 with 4 teeth between them and plenty of ailments!

However, I still loved them - in fact, the fact that they were old and scraggy made me love them even more :hug:

When Lucy died I was heartbroken but we still had Bo cat who is a real cat with attitude :lol: and he got even soppier once he got to be top cat :lol:

Anyhoo, recently, his health has deteriorated and over the past few weeks we came to terms that it would be kinder to have him put to sleep :cry: I can tell you I cried and cried - my eyes were all crusty and sore and I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach! So Monday at half past 5 we saw the vet and she asked "what can we do?" our reply was "Bo is really poorly and old so we think the kindest thing to do is put him to sleep!"

The vet said "what about if I do some tests and then you can make an informed decision?" so we did - still fearing the worst possible outcome!

Tuesday morning came and we had a phone call - "Bo has a thyroid problem, fluid in his lungs, high liver enzymes, high white blood count (obviously some infection somewhere) problems with his kidneys and he needs to be in an oxygen tent" we thought she was going to recommend the sleepy drug treatment BUT nope she said "we would like to give him some thyroid and antibiotics, put him on a drip and keep him in the oxygen tent is that ok with you?" Of course the answer was "yes if he is going to have some quality of life" :green: The started the treatment straight away and we have had an update 3 times a day from the vets :green:

Tonight they have rung up and he is tons better :green: and he obviously won their hearts over - they love him to pieces :hug: Her last words tonight were "he is a miracle we didn't hold any hope out for him on Monday but he proved us all wrong"

So why the long story?

Well on Monday I had resigned myself to having him put to sleep BUT within 15 minutes an alternative was offered. I wasn't sure whether it was the right thing to do especially as we are going on holiday tomorrow!

We gave him a chance and he survived - he fought a huge pussycat battle to stay with the people he loves!

He proved that just because something negative and bad is going on, that it doesn't mean that we have to give up on things - he didn't!

It proved that what you love and believe in, is worth fighting for!

But most of all the thing which has touched me the most is, is that the vets despite their thoughts, tried to save him and not only did they do that, but as he will not be off the drip and the oxygen until next week, they have said that he can stay there for the whole of our holiday :green: what better place could he be in?? They could have said "we will arrange for him to be transferred to the cattery" but nope - they held a partners meeting and voted that even though it is "not the norm" he could stay :green:

Geeky friends from such a negative and uncertain place for me to be in, and then to have opened doors I would have never thought of, has really enlightened me and hopefully you can see that despite some terrible things may happen, they happen for a reason and even though they may be difficult to go through at the time - there will be a positive outcome :green:
Hope Bo goes from strength to strength :) What a nice outcome xx
I love a happy ending Debs, wishing Bo a speedy recovery xxxx
So happy to hear this xxxx:hug:

Keeping you all in my thoughts:hug:
We do so love our pets. They are a huge part of family life. We wouldn't be with out ours. They are family. :hug: xx
Thank you ALL of you :hug::hug:

Just wanted to share something positive and show that despite everything sometimes we are lucky and good does come out of bad :hug:
i am so glad bo is getting the treatment he needs, i know you love him so much debs :hug:
Debs - I knew there was something adrfit last night when I was talking to you. You should have said, bit I am glad that things seems to be getting better for Bo.

x x x :hug:

Enjoy your hols.
i am so glad bo is getting the treatment he needs, i know you love him so much debs :hug:
you are right Jo I do :hug: it is my mission in life to make as many people happy as I can and that also includes animals :green:

Debs - I knew there was something adrfit last night when I was talking to you. You should have said, bit I am glad that things seems to be getting better for Bo.

x x x :hug:

Enjoy your hols.
Thank you, Theresa :hug:- I don't like to moan too much you might all start ignoring me :lol: Well at least it is more promising and I don't feel as bad telling people now because at least - fingers crossed it will all be ok :green:
Aw Debs I can really sympathize with you at the moment. I had to take my lovely cat to the vet this morning and they have kept her in overnight on a drip and are hoping she'll be well enough to operate on tomorrow.:cry: Fingers crossed.

I hope your old man Bo makes a recovery well enough to come home after your holiday.:hug:
That is a lovely heart warming story snuggs,
give Bo a big sloppy kiss from me and i hope he is fully recovered for when you get back off your hols
and the vets deserve a pat on the back too, not many would be that kind :hug:
Enjoy your break. Have fun! :hug: xx
:) so glad he's getting better, my vets are very understanding and helped me loads with my dog. :hug: :hug:
debs xx was wondering how bo was getting on , great news !!

I love the way you look at life, I wish I was as wise xxx

have a big snuggly with your little man xx and you can go and enjoy your break now without a worry xxx
Thank you all xxxx

This is what imho geek is all about SUPPORTING each other :hug:

See ya all after my jollies :green::hug:
I knew there was a reason i liked you snuggs :hug:.. You have an amazing heart and thankfully its in the right place..
I am a foster mum.. I take in dogs/cats/birds/wallabies and wombats (whatever needs a short term home really) that have been injured or abandoned.. We try to get these animals back to there owners or adopted out.. but its a constant battle with puppymills turning out more and more dogs a year when we already have so many unwanted animals to go around..:cry:
I have a pure doberman.. a dobe x pitbull, a galah a cat a lizard..(all but the first are rescued and i was unable to part with..) and at the moment i have 3 puppies who where found on the side of the road abandoned.. they were not even 4 weeks old when found, and unfortunately 6 were lost.. :mad::mad::mad::mad: these little guys will stay with me untill we can place them.

I cant tell you how much reading your post cheered me up.. YES!! there are people out there who give a crap!Its been a terrible month for animal cruelty and the people involved with the Mike Vick case have been keeping us up to date with his indictment.. A friend of mine in the states fosters Dogs that are used as training bait in fight rings..((again.. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:...they use friendly, playfull pup's that end up torn apart!))

So Snugs' you bought a tear of joy to my eye rather then the tears of anger/frustration i have been dealing with lately. I have no doubt this will cost you a pretty penny, but thats what we do with our loved ones.. we look after them untill the end!
Thankyou for restoring my faith mate! ((and sorry if im all soppy.. Animals deserve more people like you!)):)
Enjoy your hols hun, Bo is in the best place :hug::hug::hug:

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