Has anyone tried A-Tan solutions??


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Bliss Tan

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Aug 5, 2007
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South Yorkshire
Hi All

Just looking around at tanning solutions and noticed the A-Tan range on the spray tan supermarket website. Has anybody used it? It seems very reasonably priced.
Tried a sampl on my friend - and it lasted for ages (10%) and was a fab colour. Will be ordering some.
I've just ordered the sample today so I'll let you know how it goes :)
Got & tried a tester it seems OK but not as good as others I've tried but that's just my opinion
A-TAN is a good tan because it has erythulose so it lasts longer as long as the maintenance is good
just bumping this up a tad because I have cannot find any ordering info on this anywhere! (soz if i am having a blonde day lol) any ideas anyone? :) xx
Ive never had or used A-tan before ive seen many good comments on it but ive seen very bad ones too, its a tricky situation really, im qwite stuck in my ways and dont venture out allot on solutions so i stick to couture :)
I have received samples and have to say am very impressed. Good colour, fades well and excellent price. You can get samples from spraytansupermarket. xx

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