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Feb 25, 2010
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Croydon,United Kingdom
Hey Geeks,

I'm posting this on behalf of my friend who had HD brows done today.

The salon that did it used "HD wax strips" on her. I have never had HD brows myself so I am not aware of these.

So she had the brows done and had a big red slice/mark under oen eye. The therapist said it was just because of the wax strip being pulled off and that it would go down soon.

A few hours later and its got worse, it looks as if her skin has actually been pulled off. She said it is extremely sore and painful. She rang the salon who said they have to ring the HD brow place before anything can be solved. Or they said she can ring them herself.

Surely if this has happened the salon should be compensating her?

Why do they need to ring the HD brow place? She had a patch test and its not a reaction to the wax strips.

What can she do to claim her money back?

The salon are registered on the HD brows official website.

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Regards :)

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Mmm, looks like a burn to me from the wax being too hot. Did the therapist check the temperature of the wax on herself first before putting it on your friend?? Normally I check the temperature of the wax on the inside of my wrist.
Thanks for your reply :)

She said the wax was fine.

I've just read some posts in one of the other forums and it seems this has happened to several people due to the HD wax being thicker and stronger.

I guess my friend just has thin or saggy skin or something lol.

The way I look at it is that although you are putting your trust in somebody and paying for a service and expect not to come out with a grazed eye, you are paying somebody to put hot wax on your eye and pull your hairs out by the roots lol.

Beauty can come at a price and not the monetary value :)

A risk you take really.

I don't do brows but it I was a client and came out like this I'd be furious, she looks like she's been in a fight the poor thing, say she'd had them done for her wedding or something :Scared: I'm interested to hear what the brow people on here think its due to, looks like the ski s been ripped off to me.
Looks like a tear to me. It could be that they didn't stretch the skin enough especially considering where the tear is.
I do HD Brows but I won't use their wax as I find it's too harsh on the skin.
Ive had this happen to me before, thankfully never done it to a customer though! It's because she didn't stretch the skin, at least that was the reason when it happened to me! looks very low to! I don't have a huge amount of experience but I've never had to wax that far into the eyelid! They don't look very much like HD brows I have seen before either!

Personally I would forward this picture onto the HD brow office! Doesn't look like you recieved a very professional service!

Is she on any antibiotics, steroids, roaccutane or similar meds?

It could be poor technique from the therapist.

She may have a weakness on the bone where the graze is .. has she had them waxed before without incident?

Is her skin quite dry?
|Has she carries out a consultation? she may be on medication that affect her skin.
On the 2nd day of training, they brought model in and 2 of the model have been burnt by the HD trainers. They blamed it on the sensitivity of the models'skin but think the wax is too sticky.
Thanks for your replies geeks :)

Yes she hade a consultation and patch test and has been waxed lots of times in the past.

She has had training to do waxing herself so knows the routine.

All the salon said is that its the fault of the HD strips.

I've passed on your comments so hopefully she will send her picture to the HD people.

Regards xx

This area is very sensitive , and more than likely the area was waxed over more than once to tear the skin. The therapist should of picked up on this straight away and aloe is a must have. The salon should deal with this , hope she is mending XX no picking on the scab as this will scar ;)
i would agree that the skin was not held tight also the brow does nt look like a hd brow. how long has the therapist been trained for
yes i agree looks to me as if its a tear. I do Hd brows and we're taught to apply the wax very thinly and make sure it is evened out!
Also the area where she has this abrasion should have been threaded not waxed! The skin is alot thiner on that area and Hd train u only to wax about half a centimetre under and above the brow, any stray hairs outside those areas are threaded.

As for the salon telling your friend to take this up with Hd is shocking! This is the therapists fault due to technique, not the fault of the wax strip deary me!! If i was her I'd go back to the salon x
I don't use HD but I do shape brows with wax and that looks VERY low to me!!! I've never applied wax that far down from the brow!
Definitely looks like a graze - and personally I'd be putting bepanthen on that - it's what you apply to tattoos during the first few weeks and a tattoo is not dissimilar from a graze - hopefully that will help it heal nicely and she MUST resist picking it :(

The issue in my book would be with the salon and not HD - I don't care if the therapist did exactly as trained or not, that is up to them to take up with HD, your friend paid the salon, there for her contract is with them.
Personally I don't know what compensation might be fair for that but it's something highly visible and I would not have been best pleased if that had been me!
It's either the was being to hot, or the therapist didn't pull the wax off in the correct direction / correct speed.
It's either the was being to hot, or the therapist didn't pull the wax off in the correct direction / correct speed.
Whether ur friend has sensitive skin or not, or is on meds that make the skin more sensitive (its up to beautician to check this out first)!!,, at the end of the day, it is poor technique and lack of experience or the beautician/therapist. Also, I don't know who these HD Brows people are (living abroad, so a bit out of touch with new brands in UK), but anyway, it sounds like thay have created a hyped up franchise of ''brow shaping'' using wax, which is moot, as any good therapist can shape and wax your brows. The injury above looks to me (I have 30 yrs experience as a therapist),, like a FRICTION BURN. Basically, her skin has been pulled off. She really MUST complain again to the salon, and contact HD also and give them a stiff telling of for poor training!!! She should get her money back, and compensated with a voucher for a nice relaxing massage or similar.
I would double check that the therapist that did it was trained! so many salons send one person on training and come back and they show everyone else how to do it. If it turns out the salon offers HD but the therapist that carried it out wasnt trained by HD then the salon could very well not be covered by insurance for that therapist to do that treatment. Worth trying to check. But as agredd with other posts its not up to HD to do anything about this, its the salons!
After waxing for 20 years, that to me looks like a typical 'wax graze'. Where the area ( typically on eyebrows) has been waxed over more than 2-3 times. Suggest Aloe Vera gel( sterex, or Boots do their own make). It will dry out then go flaky. Sore, un-sightly, and not very nice. Poor friend.

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