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Oct 12, 2003
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north Devon
Advice needed please. I have been converted to Creative since August and have finished my 3 masters courses (Q day next Mon!) and I am very pleased with the way Creative behaves. I have had hardly any lifting and even wear it myself (as I am quite hard on my nails) and have never known one to go missing. However, I have a client returning for her first rebalance in the morning and she has lost all 10! :oops: :?

Background - She called me within 2 days of having her full set telling me she was losing one - when I saw it there was a tiny bit that was close to the skin, but definitely not lifting. I filed it down and filled it, only to keep her happy. She was due her first rebalance last week which would have been 3 weeks to the day but she had to cancel, she said they were all off last week! All my other clients that have Creative come every two and a half - three week appts with no trouble. Any one else had this problem?

I go through the prep thoroughly and I don't leave the nails too long. I think maybe I should try Primer and/or Nailfresh tomorrow, what do you think? :?
You could try Nailfresh on her (if you get the chance again) as that would help.

More importantly... did you see the nails afterwards? Were they damaged at all? I doubt she would have had pingers after that period of time :rolleyes:

BTW: My next Geek column in Scratch deals with Pingers (or sheeting).
Yes, she's coming back in the morning. I will try Nailfresh, you don't think primer as well?

When I asked her if they all came off clean she said they did, her nails, apparently are all ok.
Hi Kim,

Could do with a bit more information about your client. do you know what she does for a living? The only time in 7 years that I have had a client with severe lifting was a theatre nurse who was washing her hands for 5 minutes at a time, up to 10 times a day!! Make sure that the nail is well prepared. when you use your Scrubfresh make sure that you really clean the nail plate with it, don't just wipe it, in this instance I would apply the acid free primer to all of the area where the fresh product is going, the Nailfresh did not help my client at all so maybe you could try without it at first. I use Retention + with the primer and it has worked a treat!! When you apply the product make sure that your mix is not too wet and I would definately not let this client of yours go over 2 weeks for a rebalance until you get to the source of her lifting. The good news is that my nurse no longer lifts at all but she does come every 2 weeks without fail.

Hope this helps

Thanks Katy I will take all that on board. She doesn't work, she is a young mum but her son is a real handful and a half. I will suggest she has them shorter this time. I am using Retention + .

To make sure I have got it right - when does the primer come into it. I know the nailfresh comes before the scrubfresh but when does the primer come?

Thanks everyone, I appreciate this!

PS I just noticed on her card I have written 'went to nss in August and picked them off in September'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I have noted some nss damage on her nail analysis!

The primer goes on after the scrubfresh, you should be using the acid free one now in the blue bottle but if you have the old one which is in a brown bottle make sure that the primer is completely dry before you apply your product. If your client is picking off her enhancements then she is obviously causing a lot of damage to her natural nails, these sort of people are the ones that go around telling everybody that "false nails ruined their own nails" - this is complete rubbish - if enhancements are applied correctly by a professional nail technician and clients are taught how to look after their nails between appointments then there is no damage at all to the natural nail. It sounds to me like you could be better off without this client!!

Good Luck

She picked them for sure!

All 10??? Pu-leeze!

DO NOT replace for free. If she wants 'em she pays for 'em. No way did all 10 nails fall off.
Doesn't it shock you when you see your thoughts written down!! - Geeg, that is exactly what I was thinking - only I wasn't confident enough to think I could be right! I needed an expert to say it first.
hi kim i so totally agree with geeg that was my first thought too all 10 no way!! :D i should tell her if there is a next time they just all fall of :rolleyes: (which i very much doubt ;) ) she is to make sure she brings in the so called pinged enhancement so you can assess exactly the cause of this pingingness is that should put her off picking them :D good luck my freind it always feels like you have been dumped on the spot when this kinda thing happens! mmmmmm some cleints aye! nickki jonesx
...and she should have come back after 2 weeks as it was a 1st full-set...there is no way I would refund her a penny - I would also ask to see these so-called 'whole' nails that 'fell off' :rolleyes: in full - but of course she won't have them :rolleyes: - assess her natural nails and then you can say with a knowing look on your face -

ahhh I can see what's happened here hmmm looks like some of these nails have been removed - come on now fess up - what have you been doing!!! :?: :idea:

I bet she cracks and tells the truth!!! :thumbsup:
Thanks everyone :D

I shall be a lot more confident now when I see her in the morning! I will let you know how I get on. ;)

I had told her I would give her a discount but I haven't committed myself until I have seen them!
aww now then hun not discount!! :shock: as geeg says never ever discount :!: people will try to exploit this kind guesture and you will never hear the end of it i should make that the first and last as you have already mentioned the word discount to her you may well feel obliged to do so.
As mrs geek says give it the all knowing look usually works a treat and if you use it all in a light hearted i know what you have been doing attituted you can keep it comfortable for both of you.
I also agree mrs g good advice to take a good old look at the state of her nails, a pitcher paints a thousand words and all that, well so do quiet a few nail plates ;) if it is the case and you have your evidence as plain as day then i would politely let her know that she will be charged accordingly after all she was well overdue her maintainance and you can not be held accountable if she has not followed the upkeep to the letter.
I did my CFC last month and my first l&p client is also my oldest. She couldnt keep Calgel on more than a week. I was really confident with retention+.
However I met her 9 days later and she was desparately trying to hide her nails from me. She said they all lifted but 2 :shock:
Now Calgel never lifted and I know my prep is solid.
Guess what! I'd done a little bit of art on one finger with a rhinestone for free .... and lo and behold it was all still in tact ;)
Lifted - My ****!!!
She's coming back tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having a good look at what state her nails are in!
I think many of us, in the early days, can be fooled by clients and lack confidence in our own work. After I had been running my business for about three months I had one client who kept on complaining of "pinging" and "falling off" and displayed lots of lifting. None of my other clients experienced this. I replaced (at a discount) this client's nails three times. In the end I told her that perhaps the system was not suited to her.

According to this client she never bashed or knocked them. I knew for a fact, from my own nails and other clients, that they didn't just ping off or fall off and no one else was experiencing lifting. But I kept letting this client undermine my confidence and take advantage of me :oops: It taught me a lesson.

If only I had discovered this board earlier!
When she comes in have a look at her nails.........
Then put some scrubfresh on her nail......boy does it show up stress marks............. Then you can tell her for sure, that they didn't just fall of..... that they have been peeled off...............

Then say what Samantha said....Now I can see that there are some stree marks on the nail.......... so what did really happen........???

Then charger her full price,but give her a solar mini oil and tell her this will keep her enhancements in great condition as long as she doesn't pick......
Because if picking continues, she will have a weak nail plate and then this in turn will not support any enhancements until the damage has grown out, as there won't be any nail left to stick anything to.....R+ loves Keratin, the less Keratin the less chance of a great bond...........So the choice is hers......... nice nails or stumps......

love Ruth xxxxx
Well if anyone's interested - it worked out quite well. When she first arrived this morning I told her I had been on to Creative and I had had the top bods coming back to me (even one from Spain!) and they were very concerned because this just doesn't happen on its own. I said 'they' were asking if you still had the nails as they wanted to analyise them! ;)

Then she said 'well they started to lift a little and then some got caught in my hair...... Anyway I did what Ruth suggested and rubbed some Scrubfresh on her nails and yes ... they showed signs that they did not come off normally, then I did the knowing look and she admitted to helping them off. :rolleyes:

The outcome is I have told her that if these come off she won't be able to have any more on as her nails will be too sensitive and she promised to call me if there was any sign of lifting. I used Nailfresh and Primer by the way and I did give her a discount but she bought some polish and has booked to come back 2 weeks from today.

Thanks again all for your help. Great support! :D
Well done Kim I think you handled that spot on! :salute:
I love the way you said that Creative wanted to analyse the nails :revolve: Brilliant!

It just goes to show that if you let them then clients will be extreeemely crafty and walk all over you. As soon as they know that you're not a pushover then things are a lot different.

What I like is that although you were firm, you have still maintained her as a client which is what its all about. (so long as she behaves herself of course)

Well done! :D

Hope you dont mind me jumping in again here and adding how it went with my client.
I did what Ruth said with the Scrubfresh and yes the sin showed up all over most her nails. One nail was a bit pitted too .... this I could see with my naked eye, tut!.
I told her that if she gets any lifting she must come straight back to me ... no helping them along ;)
I am quite proud of her though because she is a terrible biter and for once there was a tiny bit of free-edge .... and on her right hand we only overlayed her thumb as her length extended beyond it.
I have impressed upon her that she must not swap biting for picking as this will weaken and damage her nails too.
I put a little bit of art on every finger to encourage her to leave them alone (seemed to work on lthe one finger last time). I told her it was a little treat for not biting.
She seemed over the moon when she left but, as she is a Uni-student juggling 2 jobs, she gets very stressed.So, I will have to wait and see.
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