Hey Its Mini Sassy!

Mini Sassy

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Well hello all you geeks out there, i am Sassy Hassy's daughter and hav recently been on an LCN nail extnsions corse.my mum is alwayssss on here so i thort id see if geekin is for me lol.nat x x x


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welcome to the site Nat :D
love your user name lol

how did you find the course? are you getting on well with it?


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Welcome hon xxx


Hello There Mini Sassy and a very BIG WELCOME to the geek site you will LOVE it here these Peeps are brill - but then I am sure you already know that LOL

You do realise that now you are here .......... there is no escape rofl

Have fun chuck xxxxxxxxx


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A big geeky welcome to ya!
Hope you have a fab time on the site!


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Hiya Mini :wink2:
Welcome to Geeksville...its so fab and addictive here if you love nails.
Peeps are really helpful too.... ooh except you need to watch out for one.... shhh, dont tell, but that Sassy Hassy...right funny one her...totally fixated with custard tarts and and a bit nuts if you ask me! :wink2: :lol: :lick:

Mini Sassy

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lol i no i no shes a funny 1!every sainsburys trip its str8 to the bakery section lol.il watch out for her thnx for the tip x nat x


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Hey Mini Sass!
Welcome aboard! You will have to have time slots on the pc - between you and your Mum!


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hiya nat welcome to the site hun,
you can tell your a youngen...with ya text talk.................lol.
have a good time geekin


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:D welcome to geekdom Nat we have already heard lots about you!;)

Mini Sassy

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lol i no!we fight as it is over the pc!thnx for al the welcomes.i still dont no how to put a pic up tho can any1 help?nat x x


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Hi there Mini Sass! Nice to meet you - you will get very addicted to this site I can guarantee it!

Piccy's - click on Geek gallery, then on My Gallery, then on Upload should be self explanitory from there.

Kim Lawless

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Oh...............I love it!!!!! You sure she hasn't cloned you?

Ah, big hugs and a big welcome sweetie. xxxx

Mini Sassy

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yeh my corse went gd thnx had fun learnin all the techniques and there was a girl the same age as me so we got on realy well.i hav had some clients - all being friends but need more and am running out of frends lol but i dnt think im confident enuf for the public yet!nat x


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Hi Nat! :hug:

Welcome to the site, I was wondering when you were gonna join us, it was only a matter of time I think. You'll love it on here, everyone gives great advice and support.



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Hi Mini Sassy - welcome aboard Chick :D

Mini Sassy

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wahey got my sidnature sorted xx


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Hi Nat, welcome to the addiction zone!! x

Mrs Geek

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Hey Mini Sassy - welcome to the sight! Have mucho amount of time for your 'mama' - she is a great person!! Learn much - that's what we are here for!! ;)


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Hiya Nat...you have one cool mom...welcome aboard. xxx