how on earth do you use ibd ultra seal??


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lotus blossom

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Jan 24, 2005
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:cry: got this today as a replacement for the intense seal as the stockists were out of stock!
used it today and it went all wrong, i applied it as it said , thin ,
but after wiping it, it looked dull and there were tiny patches of shine but only tiny patches,
i redid it did it thicker still the same!!
i take it you put it on over a filed nail , filed at about 180/240 and no less????
i cured it for one min, then i cured again for 2 mins where am i going wrong?

please help me, as its all ive got at the moment

thanks in advance xxx
cleanse the nail plate with gel cleanser prior to applying. makesure you apply it as thin as posible but smoothly. i found it tends to be dull when its applied too thick. i prefer intense seal as you dont have to remove the sticky layer and they are left super shiney, but ultra seal does the job. other than the above have you changed your lamp bulbs recently?
i did cleanse the nail , but with scrubfresh, as i was applying it over l and p
i cant get intense seal , as i did prefer that to be honest, but i normally use brisa top gloss, but havent got any at the mo
should i apply it really thin then??
should it be over 180 surface?bulbs are new btw
i appreciate the time to reply to me
cheers chuck x
Can't help...... because the same thing started happening to me!
TBH I can't remember if it is Intense Seal or Ultra Seal as the print has now worn off the bottle!!
Never the less, it was dull and patchy. Spose it might be the bulbs - but they are curing gel just fine, so maybe not? So annoying!!

Anyway, it was driving me bonkers so I went back to buffing - I actually prefer it! But if we can solve this mystery, it would be good to be able re offer the option to my clients if they wanted it.
Nikki I have used this in the past and find that it is much better to apply it thinly with a gel brush the brush in the bottle imo makes it much too thick hence the patchy look :)
if you need some intense seal i can pop some in the post to you chicken

amb x
if you need some intense seal i can pop some in the post to you chicken

amb x

thanks mate, soo kind,
but ill stick now with the nsi finish gloss thing, xxxxxxxx
appreciate it hunny x
Hi there

Just read your replies and the same thing is happening to me! I had just about run out of IBD Ultra Seal and ordered a new one. Used it on one of my clients and it was dull but shiney in places. I smelt the bottle and noticed that it smelt different to my old bottle.

I spoke to the people at the company I ordered it from and they sent me a replacement in case it was faulty. Still the same thing happend. But the smell is so different to my old bottle. Could it be possible that IBD have changed something in it?

I am curious to find out as I have now bought two bottles and neither are working. My lamps are fine - Ive just changed them and they are curing my gel fine.

If anyone has any good tips to get around this problem I would be grateful to hear them.

I couldnt get on with ultra seal either, and prefer the intense seal. I have a spare bottle of Brisa topcoat thats nearly full if you want me to send it to you pm me your details:hug: (I have loads of it as I only use it on my brisa nails, which I dont do that many of!):green:
I hated ultra seal..too user unfriendly..i guess thats why they came out with intense seal?? I threw mine in the bin:lol:
I never could get to grips with ultra seal, I did ask Sam at Grafton International, I had exactly the same, dull and pitted, I was either applying it too thin, or too thick, I gave up in the end and swear by intense seal, far far better and you do not have to wipe the dispersion layer. Cure and go, and superior shine.
Also binned ultra seal....i dont think it's you, this happened to me too, Intense seal all the way, cant beat it for super glass finish that lasts!

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