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Mar 4, 2004
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Whiteley, Hampshire
Firstly a HUGE thank you to Ruth (Nails In London) for the Nail Biters Tutorial, Sam (Nail Geek) and Samantha Geek (Mrs Geek), and Gigi (Geeg) and so many others for so much guidance, advice and preparation this site has so far given me

I had a client today, recommended by another of my clients, whom i knew bit her nails quite badly and actually put off booking for a couple of weeks as she was so embarrased with her badly bitten nails and was trying to grow them for me !

I passed my Creative Nail Design Foundation Course early this year and started doing paying clients last month and I have to tell you i have never seen anything like my clients nails today, and what with my first practice model a couple of months ago having very flat fanned nails, a client last week with 1.5" thumb nails and these nails today I am certainly getting some experience and variety !

My client today was absolutely thrilled with the finished results (Acrylic P&W - tips) she has been wearing stick on nails for the last, get this, 18 years !! and it was only when she saw her friends nails that she decided to try me! She told me at the end she was nervous and was not really sure if she was going to like them and that she is not an emotional person, but she said she loves them and the finished results and she couldnt stop looking at them and grinning (needless to say i gave her 5 business cards for her friends ! lol

I sent her away with solar oil and she is going to purchase some cuticle cream when she gets paid next, her nails were not only bitten but also her cuticles and all round her fingers were in pretty bad shape too (no scabby bits and blood but just awful)

Hope you dont mind me sharing this but my confidence and ability has a lot to do with all you guys out there on this web site and your threads so THANK YOU

I love the challenges, I love making my clients happy, and I LOVE WHAT I DO

Hi Kelly well done for doing such a variety of nails in such a short space of time, i to feel as u do cos if it were not for this site i think i would have given up ages ago even if u r just looking at the threads u can pick up some really helpful tips i usally print them of and keep them in a folder so i have always got something to read up on if hit with a problem, also by learning so much from others once u put them into practise u can then help others who r havin problems i'mstill far from perfect but much better since findin this site so keep up the good work all u fellow geeks we love ya
welcome as ever and always... it doesn't take long to type, and help in any form as a newby or not is invaluable - glad we could help for you xx
We recommend that nail biters come in for a rebalance weekly instead of fortnight (charge 1/2 the price) and really give them good service ie, demo how to use everything, tell them to oil not bite (remember they have had this habit for a long time. Encourage them to come in whenever they need fixing. We had one client (amoungst many) who not only bit her nails but bit on top of them, needless to say, she was a challenge. Six months later, she had her own nails with overlays and is so positive about us she is worth a phonomenal amount of advertising. This is where you can really excel on service here.

Well done - I know not everyone would rise to the challenge!

I know what you mean about being new and having a lot of different clients. When i first started out, (january this year) i seemed to attract nail biters. I found them very difficult to do but its satisfying when theyleave happy isn't it? I have had two clients that suffer with very oily nail plates, so this has given me frequent Questions which everyone has helped me with. I also have a client who is my regular who has oily nails and fan shaped nails too, do we not have enough challenges?? But after about 3 monthes she is still with me and now very happy as for the first time over the last two weeks she has no lifting, hasn't lost any as she always lost at least two, and is very happy with her nails.

The hard work pays off in the end and makes you feel good.
See Hun you can if you know how !!!!
You are very welcome !!!
And thank you for asking, reading and listening xxxx
Fab news Karren!!!
Its great isnt it when you see the difference your service can make to someone like that ... sounds like you have gained yourself a long-term client there ... Well done!
WELL DONE YOU !, You're already getting that good reputation see, word of mouth is fab, your phone will be non-stop soon chick !
I too have learnt soooooo much from the site it's fantastic, and got to know (and soon to meet!) lovely people like yourself,
speak soon ,,,DEBS.x :)
Thanks all for your kind words and encouragement.


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