I got robbed


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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
I am so angery I was booked for a wedding party last night so I put my nail stuff in my car to go after work. At 5.30 I went to leave work and realsied what happened.

Car inscurance in Ireland is so high my inscrance is €1300 (thats with 4 years no claims bonus) and if I claim my car insurance will be a wopping €2900 next year, there is no Inscurance in Ireland for nail techicans so basically I am out of pocket.

They took the following:

Car CD Radio
My Mobile (whicih I have cancled)
New box of 500 tips
Cuticle pusher
Cuticle Stone
Pedicure Creams (7)
Scrub Fresh
Perfect Pink Powder
Perfect white Powder
CND Varnish (2)
Gel bond
Designer nails brush holder
Master Series ro Sculpt Brush
New Brisa Gel Brush (I kept both brushes in the brush holder)
2.3oz Super Shiney
2.3oz Solar Oil
AHA Cuticle remover

I'm sure there is more tht I cant think off.

oh you poor thing, it is awful , they are total b!£$%%%^ for doing that, i know you must be feeling like crap now , but i hope you have a not too bad day , take care love dee
Oh my goodness, i don't know what to say, other than I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you. You poor thing. Only thing I can think of is - will your household insurance cover you for this? I'm just wondering whether as it's the tools of your trade will it cover them for being in your car, i.e. is this during the course of your job? Other than that, doesn't the Guild or someone similar provide insurance for technicians in ireland? Once agian, I'm sorry to hear of this and hope things turn out okay. Try to keep your chin up lovely. xxx
thanks for your replies, must say this has made my diet go out the window
hi hun i am sure at a time like this a day doesnt matter , :biggrin:
lindag said:
thanks for your replies, must say this has made my diet go out the window
comfort eating works wonders - get those choccie bars down the back of your neck girl!!
So sorry to hear of this....those evil B******s - they don't realise the grief and upset they cause...

Are you sure you didn't kick your box down stairs by accident (i never said that) :o
aww this is terrible to read..you poor thing must have been a horrible shock...keep your chin up ... and yes have double chocolate today!!x
What i think I will do is just but small sizes of everything and build it back up slowely i.e. Retention+starter Kit
That's awful. I really feel for you. I've had my car broken into before, but that was years ago and they only stole my radio. It was a brand new one too and a pull out one.............. but I left it in!!!!! How stupid was I. It's awful when this happens. We work hard and earn our own money to make life better for ourselves and then some *!*! comes and takes it away in seconds. You'll get there in the end, like you say, building up, bit by bit. I really do believe in what goes around comes around - they'll get their own medicine one day.

Good luck x
OMG some people r just scum of the earth they obviosly have nothing better to do than just steal other peoples things they need to get a life nothing better than comfort eating i'll join you lol
Hi Linda - did you get my text message? I've got a few little bits and pieces you can have if you want to come over and pick them up sometime, nothing fancy but it will at least give you the chance to do some Brisa nails while you're saving up for the powders..... few files/buffers, nail tips, got a spare gelbond, a little solar oil/stickey/dry & shine/, got a gel brush too. Very basic stuff but should help out a little bit. I'm away over the weekend so if you want to pick it up before I go just gimme a shout!

hi i also have some little bits and pieces , top coats , files , etc you can have if you wanna pm me your address i will post them , take care love dee
I have a few bits and bobs a double dappen dish etc PM me your addy and i will post them off to you.

There not CND as i am star nails trained but they will help till you can get your stock back up
Girls your great - Thanks a million
So sorry to hear this happened to you Linda, it makes you feel horrible...........however I always try to put things into perspective, for example, my accident prone son ended up in casualty again a fortnight ago, after wrapping himself around a lamp-post on his new go-kart (it was their birthday the day before) and although it was bad we said, well it could have been worse......he could have gone under a car.....so we ended up being glad the lamp-post was there!!

Now I don't mean you'll be glad you were robbed, but we're all glad that you weren't hurt and are here to tell the tale!!

Doesn't it do your heart good too, to see the help people are offering.....I'm sorry I don't really carry much stock myself, but I've added to the reputation of all those girls who have offered to help you!!

Keep cheery and enjoy your choccie guilt free, cos it's good for shock.....so it's really a must!! :biggrin:

love Fiona x.
I'm sure your business insurance will cover you for robbery!! Check it out. Mine certainly coverd me for theft.

So sorry this has happened to you. Ring your supplier, they can maybe help you to get back on your feet by allowing monthly payments etc. You won't get if you don't ask. I would explore that possibility.
Hi Linda, so sorry to hear your bad news please try to keep your chin up - I'm not creative trained but if there's any other bits you are short of please pm me and I will try to help where I can. (files, blocks etc) Love and kisses always
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