I ripped skin on the scrotum...


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Feb 3, 2006
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I used a fair amount of oil and ripped skin, there wasn't blood but I could tell ,,,you know that really shiny look to the skin! What did I do wrong, this was my first scrotum waxing, I waxed a small area and had him pull one way and me another but still there was a layer of skin removed. I didn't go through with the rest of the waxing after that. Help, please!
Without seeing it happen, it's hard to know what went wrong. I personally stretch the skin myself, I don't ask the client to help. I imagine you were using hard wax?

Some guys have exceptionally thin skin there. How much skin did you lift?

Are you trained in intimate male waxing and are you able to ask your trainer for help?
I know this is probably not what you want to hear but it can sometimes happen if the client has got very thin skin in that area, or if its dry or not stretched properly. Just make sure you use enough oil and if you have to go over an area again apply some more oil, stretch the sking and only use the non-strip wax for this area.
I stretched the skin very tightly myself and had him stretch as an extra precaution. I never have my client do the stretching alone but I do have them assist me! I have never waxed males but I do females all the time. I did an area less than 2 inches. The client feels nothing but I could see it right away, and there was no after pain for the client. Thanks for the feedback. It's not something I've ever done due to the fact of the thinner skin in the area and now I am definately scared of doing it again.
Don't get your client to stretch, do it yourself. If they stretch it too much, this could tear the skin.

If the client is older, has a loose scrotum, the skin is dry etc etc, this can happen and it sounds as though it was just bad luck.
Could he be on some medication??
Did you use hard wax or strips?
Ouch.... think it would put me off too. Ah well onwards and upwards good luck :green:
Happens to the best of us!! I just think "Oops!" and get in with the job in hand. :)

do you think you need to get more gentle wax? or that your wax was too hot?.... if you dont mind me asking, how much do you charge for that type of waxing?
I burn my skin in a fire, and i want to get it back can you help me out here to get it back, because i am only 25 year old and i have my whole life is heading in my way, is there any way that you can help me out here.
It doesn't happen to me and it's because I take control of holding and stretching the scrotum and the speed that I remove the wax.

Try to find a recommended expert male waxer in your area and get trained. xx
I do only females had no problems in 6 years until in last week! Using same wax and everything Same technique for 6 years. In last week, same problem happened twice. Both clients been with me for years.

During Hollywood wax, the skin that's in your inner bit, you no that shinny skin next to the lips, bit you don't wax as no hairs there anyway. But both clients a little tear appeared, little blood, not big but even so. So I'm like in a panic!

Is it this cold weather, making skin bit chapped, skin dry more and less elasticity hence splitting?

I no my skin is awfully dry and scally all over and doing everything to prevent it.

Or could it been pulled too tight? Client helps me abit with the stretching. And I was taught to leave thongs on, expose lips on the side you are doing so thongs run in centre covering inner bits!

Anyone know the answer?

Many thanks xxx
Are we talking about a rip or just lifting of the skin (a tiny amount)?
Well it was 1cm long, thin line with little blood. Dint see it at first as clients hand placed over it, I don't wax there u see. But that skin us expossed a little i guess as the pull it a little, was taught that client should help with getting skin tight. I only use tiny strips, talc etc....Just odd ive seen it twice in one week. Done no diff at all with these clients in 6 years with them. Xxx

I use a hard wax and it wasn't hot at all. I usually use a honey wax for all my waxing services. I actually prefer the strip to non strip wax and so do my clients. They said they experience the same feeling with both. I do not use Berins and Perron, heard only great things about those waxes...so I would think those are not comparable to what I use. I charge 50 for a full brazilian.

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