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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

I just paid for one year premie status and it feels GREAT to finally be able to contribute to a site that has given me soooooooooooooo much!!

If it weren't for the geek site and all the members of geek, I'm sure that I wouldn't be where I'm at now.

Thanks for all the tutorials, tips & tricks, laughs and giggles, etc etc.
Thanks for listening to me moan about non-nail related stuff.. etc...
Just a huge thanks!!

You're all the greatest!

I can finally say it's a career and NOT a hobby or part-time job.
it's for real now:!:

Giant hugs to all of you:hug::hug:
HIP! HIP! HURRAY! Well done Victoria!
Welcome to the premmie club hun..:hug::hug:
Well done you for going premium!!
Hope that means you now have a bit more time on your hands to geek!!

Congratulations to you Victoria!!

Also it is sooooo nice to hear that your Home Salon is doing very well!!

I am also a home Salon, and business does seem to be picking up for me too!!

I credit this nail site at giving me the courage and knowledge to keep plodding on and to keep the education on a on going basis..

Again Victoria, Congratulations!!

The nail Fairy

Yup, this site TOTALLY ROCKS!! (as they say lol)

giant hugs:hug:
Great stuff mate x
So glad to hear your business is doing much better now,
well done hun :hug:
Welcome to the Premiership Victoria :hug:
So glad things are looking up for you now Victoria.:hug:
No one deserves it more than you. It's great to hear your nails are bringing in an income for you now.
Money is very tight for us at the moment so I haven't been able to renew my premmie status.:irked: Another couple of months I'll be back with you.:green:

Well, things are still tight here. But I said PHOOEY ON IT!!! Ok, so it cost me ummmmmmm about 3 services, not including tips. WELL WORTH IT:!:
ESPECIALLY considering ALL that it's done for me, being on this site. I wouldn't have made it without it! The other site helped me not at all. Not as honest, not as constructive, etc etc etc.. (I could go on)

As far as I'm concerned, I OWED geek, and I HATED taking advantage of all that's so wonderful here and not being able to pay back.

I still have to pinch pennies and get that car I so desperately need (as it turns out, we live too close for my daughter to qualify for a bus to school BUT it's too far to walk in winter:irked:) and it'll probably be a piece of crap that sounds like a shotgun and spits out smoke like the piece of junk in the movie "Uncle Buck"..... BUT... if it gets my duaghter to school....

Anyway. I'm rambling, as usual

Your time will come. You'll get there/here like I did. I KNOW YOU WILL.
Everyone here deserves it. We all work hard. I got lucky, found myself wonderful loyal clients that refer to me like crazy.

I felt guitly shouting about my good fortune and not contributing. And so I did, and I'm glad. I don't really need the perks. To me, it was more about saying Thanks now that I could.

giant hugs:hug:
Well done on finally making it to PREMMIE status Victoria and I am so happy for you that you are finally doing well, if I lived nearer chick I'd be a regular!!! Take care:hug: xx
Well done on finally making it to PREMMIE status Victoria and I am so happy for you that you are finally doing well, if I lived nearer chick I'd be a regular!!! Take care:hug: xx

Thanks and I am VERY VERY flattered that you say so:!::!::!:

Thanks VERY much:!:


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