Im finally up and running!!!!


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Nov 17, 2003
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Hi all.

I just had to post on here, to let you all know i have had my grand opeing for my nail and beauty salon, on saturday, and it was really, really successful! I was absolutely mobbed, with people wanting to book in, or to have a chat about all the treatments we offer, or to generally grab a glass of bubbly and a chocolate and wish me luck! I am absolutely made up with the fantastic response we have had. I am sure we will be ok, I mean we all worry about not making enough money to pay the bills, but i had that much interest prior to the opening day, that i opened early the week beforehand, and was fully booked with enhancements or spa manicures! OOHHHH im so Happy!!!
Ive got 8 days left at college, and one hell of a huge exam to sit on weds ( anatomy and physiology, for my level 3 beauty), so the presure is on (just a bit!!). But considering i had absolutley no qualifications this time three years ago, not even 1 GCSE, I think i have done pretty well, and i am absolutely shattered with the past couple of years training!! So im patting myself on the back, and if any of you ever visit the Isle Of Wight, then pop in and see me!!

Michelle. xxx
Well Done - Good Luck for Wednesday - we need to see pictures :D

Get on the phone to the local newspaper too and get them to feature you ready for the summer months - Go Girl!!!
Glad everything's going so well...good luck!!xxx
Crongratulations on the opening of your salon and good luck with your exam on wednesday Michelle!
Well Done, You Go Girl!!!!

All the hard work has paid off.
Fab news Babe..................
So proud off ya xxxxxxxxxxx
A real Geeky Tech with a lot of get up and get em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Done Michelle!!!!!!!!! Good luck with everything and I hope the money just keeps rolling in.
Well done Michelle

I also opened my salon this Saturday. I had a champagne reception too on the friday night. All good fun, but I am knackered now. I wish you all the best of luck, perhaps we can confere with any new business issues we may have.

Thinking of you
Well done, Michelle. Best of luck for the future! :)
... hope it all keeps going exactly as it is right now for you ... xx.
wow congrats!! how fabulous for you!! best wishes for your nail future!!!!!
congrats , hope everything goes well for you, by the sounds of it you will be a huge success, love dee
Congratulations! ! Good luck with your opening, and for the exam on Wednesday.

Keep us posted how it goes

Hope you exams goes well too..:biggrin:
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!
Congratulations i know you will be a success................and i will be booking in soon for the full works!!!
take care
Hi Michelle...

just want to wish you the best of luck, much happiness and unbelievable success with your new Salon!!!!

Good to hear of your sucesss Michelle - hope it continues...

And good luck in your exams...
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