I'm sooooooooo happy...........


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Oct 30, 2003
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St Helens, Merseyside
.......... I've broke my duck :lol:
I did my first "real" client (as in someone I didn't already know) last night. I wasn't really ready to run with "real" as I'm still sorting out all my business literature but a friend recommended me & the lady was being whisked away to Paris by her partner for a treat without the kids this week, so I though oh well, why not! .... bashed out copies of the essential literature I need on the pc & went & did it.
I was nervous as hell (I won't mention just how many visits to the bathroom I made yesterday :lol: ) but I got through it, full set of sculpts on a nail biter. Cuticles were not in the best shape so took a bit of extra work than normal, but at the end she was so happy I could have cried. But, as she didn't blink an eyelid at the price & insisted on paying me my "excess travel" surcharge which I was going to waive as I was stupid & didnt realise JUST where she lived when we arranged it all on the phone so had not mentioned it at the time, I decided to just smile all the way home instead.
And a real highlight of the night ............ turned out she is the daughter of a TV celebrity, won't say who as that would not be right without her permission, but it made me laugh so much, what a first client! The whole experience has really got me over my nerves now I think. Well I hope it has ......... another day like yesterday & I'll waste away to nothing :lol:
Well done, I bet your glad you didnt know about the celebrity connection until you had finished, what a wonderful buzz you must have had.

Sure you cant give us an itsy bitsy clue who the celeb is how about we rattle of a few names and you say if we are warm or not.

Was it Des O'conners daughter (he has three I think)
Ann Robinson (she has one)

Was I close.


Claire x
She told me half way through Claire ............ I had to stop a moment for a fit of giggles :lol:

It's her dad who is the TV celeb, not Des, but as tanned ........... he is renowned for his "tan" :lol:
Karen,I know how you feel cos I had a similar thing last week when someone booked two French Mani's for a wedding.
Didnt know until they turned up that one was the bride :eek: good job too, I'd never have slept the night before :rolleyes:
Oh God its not David Dickenson is it from the antique show he's a lovely shade of mahogany, how fantastic you never know she could turn up in hello mag with your nails on. His catchphrase is CHEAP AS CHIPS i hope you charged the earth love.

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

You'll soon be up there with lights on - like 'those and such as those'

Keep up the good work - bio sculpture really is the best!
you would'nt be dropping any hints now would you karen you know thats naughty he he x
well done hun good for you what a great feeling aye!! :green:
Nice one babe, and no name dropping ........... a real pro with client confidentiality upheld .................... Well done you xxxx

Karen thats great news and well done.
Well done, it feels good doen't it.

Keep up the good work.:biggrin:
Good for you....its the best feeling in the world your first paying customer...

...but remember Mums the word on clients..

Roll on your next appointment...
WOW - what a first real client!!! This is only the start!!!
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