just had to share this with everyone...........


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I have to say (although well late it is too) I think its the best news, you`ll be a great mum, congratulations.
And Ruth, I`m sooooooo jealous, I can`t wait to be a granny
Hi really pleased to hear your good news congratulations.

Cristine :)
Congratulations faye (and too ruth 'granny to be')

what fantastic news
another generation of nail techs for your family lol
Claire, I love your little piccie!!!! Where did you get it from - it's ace!!


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Jan 19, 2003
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i think there is a bug going around at the moment, well i have some news to share with everyone............

last night i found out that i was pregnant, been worked out that i am around six weeks.......

after working all my dates out it seems that i will still be ok to compete in march (as baby is due in june :D ) and then i should be fit enough to compete in september. although i doubt very much if i can compete at manchester again as i think steve will not like to be left to fend for himself and a baby..........................

well just needed to share that with you all ...............

love pipi xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:D :D :D
AAwwww, Congratulations!

i think there is a bug going around at the moment

Hope I don't catch it :D :D :D
What wonderful news faye


Sue xxxx lol

Plenty of pukeoff without the trashed D
Sawasdee kha faye

I very happy for you and husband you will be so happy have baby and your mama will love you have baby have too much .

Kop khun kha mui
congratulations faye!!!!!

you can compare notes with groovynails as i think she may be due around the same time next yr!

best wishes for you and steve - and enjoy that peace whilst you can lol ive a 3 yr old and havent known what peace is for that long :D

collette xxx
OMG I am going to be a grandma lol (well I am your sendond mum)
Faye I am so pleased for you ohhhhhhhh I am so excited I bet mummy Ruth is over the moon.
OK I need to calm down and start making a list for the baby box ;)
Chat to your laters babe.
Loves ya
Dawnie and Mullie xxxxxxxx woof woof even Mullie is excited lol
Faye thats fabulous news!!!


Im sooooo happy for Ya!

Luv and hugs!

What a blessing! Get lots of sleep now!!!

I have a three year old like the other postee and it is very tiring but sooo funny!

I have never laughed or cried as much as I have since I had my little boy. Kids sure bring out the pure emotion in you.

You are going to have so much fun.
Fantastic News Faye

I bet Ruth is over the moon too, I am a new grandma too .... makes me sound so old but, he's just soooo cute!!!!.
It certainly is exciting times for you babe :thumbsup:
Good luck with the pregnancy to both you and Steve .
I've already said congratulations...but heck i'll say it again lol!! And im gona be an aunty whooo! lol!! Thankyou for making me first choice babysitter :-D :D :D :D

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're at a lovely age to have a baby (same age as I was when i had my bubba :) )

Lovely news!

Take care, rest up, enjoy it etc etc



Claire XX
Congratulations Faye, what lovely news for you
take care
caren :)
CONGRATS Faye - so happy for you, you'll be a fab mum because you'll be like your mum!!!! :salute: :thumbsup:
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