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Feb 27, 2012
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Hey geeks, im almost 26 and engaged, we have been together 2yrs. My other half is 30 and we have recently been talking about having a baby. I know this thread will probably spark a lot of debate but when do u think is a good age to have kids? Is there ever a right time? Do u think u should be financially stable first or is that an unrealistic view?

So many people have said either "go for it, its the best thing you'll ever do" or "wait a few years and enjoy ur time together"

I know u should go with ur heart and gut, but i was just interested in what your opinions were :o) nothing like a bit of lunchtime debate lol xxx
There is no right age. It's what is best for you if your relationship is stable and you are financially stable and prepared for the responsibility then why not :) x
Heya my opinion is there isn't a wrong or rite time it's when you feel ready.

I had my first at 18 he sadly passed away but I had my 2nd at 21 and they were and are the best thing that's ever happened to me.I also think if you waited to be able to afford children you would never have them lol unless obviously you won the lottery lol.

They are costly Lil bundles but it's well worth it they really are they bring so much joy.

I would love an army of them but I have problems with carrying so I only carry to about 25 weeks so I have to wait till my life is ready for more as I spend a good 6 months in hospital with them when there born.I will have more but whent life says so lol.I will probobly be about 31 when I may give it another go lol.

I say go with what you feel if you and your partner are ready then go for it when people say spent more time together first I kinda disagree because you can do that with you bundle of joy if you have a good support network then you can still have the odd nights or days free to be you and not mummy if you know what I mean.xxxx

The 'right' time is when it's right for you. Everyone is different. Best of luck! :)
You need to go with your gut, it makes no difference if you been together 5 years or 5 weeks if it feels right then go for it. they are hard work and totally change your world but they are the most amazing thing ever. There is no right or wrong time, I was 27 when I had mine I had been with my OH for 8 years married for 4 years and 2 years later we split up, you just don't know what's round.the corner, enjoy the time you have.

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I'm 34 with 4 kids and I say that if you wait for the 'right time' then you will never have kids.
I honestly look back & think, what did I do before I had them, they take up all your time and they are bundles of joy that fill your life with love and laughter.

I started my family when I was just 18 and so my children range in age from 15 down to 3.

I honestly thought I would be with my bloke forever as I loved him, we had 2 children together but unfortunatley it wasn't to be and we got divorced but I have since met a wonderfull man who loves me and my kids to bits and I have had another 2 children with him, he treats them all the same and is a fab dad and partner. I would happily have a load more children with him if room in the house wasn't an issue and it didn't mean taking from those children we already have but unfortunalty we don't live in a dream world where money isn't an issue so we have agreed not to have anymore children until we have a big win on the lottery so we can buy a big house with room for all the kids we want (and we hardly ever buy a ticket, so I don't really expect to win it lol).

If you feel the time is right then all you can do is cross your fingers and go for it, I believe what is meant to be will happen, with or without or help lol.

All the best whatever you decide. :Love:
there is never a right time and you can never plan for them!! i had my first child at 18 my second at 21(i'm now 36) and although its been hard i wouldn't change a thing. at the time myself and their dad were both working full time doing ok for ourselves, we had great friends and family and we coped. Yes it changed my life forever but i have to say i've loved it and wouldn't be without them.

there are of course pros and cons to being older/younger, personally at least i had the energy to keep up with them esp when my first didn't sleep the night for 3 years!!!!

just enjoy life and whatever will be will be that's my advice xx 36 now kids are 15 and 18 i can enjoy life and holidays!! hth
Like above no right time both my kids were unplanned u just get on with it lol, seriously go with how u feel if u love each other and r committed then if u feels its right go for it upside of having a child young u benefit at other end I had my son at 21 very young I know but was in a long term relationship , he is now 21 and I feel I have brought him up fantastically but I'm still young enough now to do lots of exciting things :D:D
i was just turned 27 when i had my little girl, and my sissy was 26 when she had her little boy! im married and my sissy is engaged. i think its a nice age, financially doing not too badly and young enough to cope with the sleepless nights!! however i do feel left out as my friends dont yet have kids, though iv met some lovely mums (slightly older than me) at a tots group x i felt in hospital i was a funny age though, all the other girls were either under 21 or over 35 lol!! if your ready it doesnt matter wether your 21 or 41 though :D xxx
there' no right age. Only you and your partner will know when its right. I got married at 21 (through choice!) and had my first when i was 24 and my second just before my 26th. I might sound a bit selfish but now ive had my kids and all (and not planning anymore) ican concentrate on my business and future plans.

Yet a friend of mine has focussed on her career and is very succesful, shes only just had her first at 30.

Like i said its when you feel the times right. hth xxxx
So glad i started this thread!! You all have such lovely stories :) and you are making me extra broody!! I definitely cant wait for it to happen (did a test yesterday, negative) hopefully its not going to take too long although im trying not to get obsessed by it x
There is no one 'right' time to have them, and if you waited till you were sure you were completely financially stable you'd probably never have any! Children (small ones) can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want - they needn't cost the earth as babies. The thing that matters is that you both feel ready.

I had my monster at 21 and, whilst she's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me, she can be hard work at times :lol:
I don't think it matters what age you are but one thing is for sure nothing prepares you for them, I think it's the only thing that does not come with a hand book! I have an 8 month old and she is in clothes for two minutes and I wasted a lot of money buying things new when I should have bought things second hand like baby gyms, walkers etc!
I think in an ideal world we would all plan our children when we had lots of money, a house, a perfect relationship,etc but the reality isn't always like this.

I had my first when I was 20 I now have 3 children,though all grown up so they would kill me if they knew I referred to them as children lol.

I think as long as you have a stable relationship and the financial means to provide your child with what they need and deserve, without having to rely on the state for payouts,then that's more or less the right time.

Starting a family is never easy and there will be ups and downs. Good and bad times. Children are a blessing. Good luck x
Age isn't important.
What is important is that you really, really want a kid and you can afford it.
If you can then you'll be the best parents as that child will be comfortable with parents that truly love it.
Good luck to you. :hug:
The right time is when it's right for BOTH of you, in my opinion.
I was 25 and 29. I had lots of energy and had many years to build up my career after.
But that's just me. Everyone is different.
All the very best!
I'm not sure there is ever a 'right' time but being financially secure is a must. I have a lot of friends that are older mums that had there children around 40 and they have no money worries have done all the travelling they want and can go for coffee/lunch whenever they want and not have to count the pennies.

I had my baby when I was nearly 25 and that was just right for me at the time. I think looking back it would of been better to have waited a year or two as my business was just starting to take off but on the other hand I knew that I wanted a 3-5 year gap between children and wanted them before I was 30.

I would like to have 3 children but there is no way I could afford it !! My LO is 3 now and I spend between £10-£30 a week on taking him out, then there is swimming lessons £60 per term, nursery and now we have started to get invitations to his friends birthday parties so my purse is a bit empty !

I think if you are feeling broody anyway then that is a sign its the right time !!
I do worry about pennies but tgen again, when dont we all wish we had "a little extra"! We are quite flippant with any spare cash but its bcos we can - nights out, pub, restaurant, new shoes (me lol) Of course priorities change when u have kids and i think we've got a healthy view on that :) xx
I do worry about pennies but tgen again, when dont we all wish we had "a little extra"! We are quite flippant with any spare cash but its bcos we can - nights out, pub, restaurant, new shoes (me lol) Of course priorities change when u have kids and i think we've got a healthy view on that :) xx
Lol. I'm the same, I'll spend what I've got. Mine was like that before my son but now extra cash is on kids stuff, but still the odd takeaway and clothes for ourselves every now and then. You have to treat yourself still or you'll go crazy! We've just stopped nights out as they were the biggest money eater. If you can afford those things though you'll be able to afford a baby.

I was 24 and my husband was 23 when we had our son. You just know when it feels right. My Mum was in floods of tears when I told her I was pregnant saying I was too young but she's apologised for that now. You know yourself when the time is right.

If your other half is your soulmate, you really want a kid and you have enough money to get by then go for it!!! X
Thanks Lovebeauty, nice to hear some positive words :):) altho everyone on salongeek is always lovely!! Just cant wait for the day i get to tell my other half that hes gonna be a dad...hes just gonna be soooo over the moon (hes already warned me about tears lol) x

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