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Mar 7, 2006
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Hi Girls,

Just to let you all know that i made it through to my local Essex Business Awards Finals. The presentation is being held this evening. I made it through to the final 6 in the category of 'Young Entrepreneur' of the year.

I run a small mobile business and private tuition school.

Fingers crossed girls...iv got a beautiful dress and my best friend is ready with his tux.

Ill let you know how i do. It will be good recognition for mobile beauty business's

Well done.

when is the awards evening? I presume that is when you will know.

good luck!
The ceremony is tonight, so im leaving college shortly to spruce myself up a little cant wait.. xx
Well done and good luck, I've got my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and arms crossed for you :lol:
Well done and good luch!

Wow, I bet your sooo excited! :lol:
wow well done girl

you let us know as soon as you can

good luck, keeping everything crossed for you :lol:
Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

Best of luck xxx
Good luck:hug:
well done,im thinking of you right now....let us know...:hug:
ok i didnt win guys but had a fantastic night, ill post pics later xx
Sorry to hear that you didn't win, but you did make it to the finals and that's an achievement in itself isn't it? Looking forward to seeing the pix.