Lost Child Benefit details


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Feb 22, 2005
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Please remain vigilant over this I have just received an automated call stating it's an important security announcement from my bank and asking me to confirm my name etc.

I hung up, dialled 1471, no number available surprise surprise:irked:.

Called my bank and their Fraud Department have no record of anyone calling me.

It could be chancers but be careful and don't give ANYONE details over the phone

Thanks Honey, it really does still baffle me that such information could have been sent through the post :irked:.

Good grief we are all told to be aware of what we are throwing in our bins, and to shred info etc... then some daft fool somewhere decides it would be a great idea to send out all this info, the mind boggles :eek:
I once had a call from my bank (I didnt know at the time LOL) - this guy calls me said he was from the bank and asked for security purposes if I could confirm my details - I said, you have called me you should know my details, he said, yes but I need to confirm that I am speaking to the account holder. Eventually he understood where I was coming from and suggested I call him back at the bank - I did and he was genuine LOL.
I have had those calls too Fiona.

This was an AUTOMATED voice asking me to confirm details with my keypad the automated voice was a FEMALE & FOREIGN sounding.

My bank no longer has an outsourced call centre so this concerned me enough to call them and HMRC

I have received a formal letter today from HM Customs informing me that the discs were lost, etc. Fortunately for me I only have the money paid into a Post Office account, not my bank account.

I am going off a little here, but I had a call 2 weeks' ago, saying they were from my bank and asking for details, she was definitely foreign and I would go as far to say as from Africa, judging by the accent.

I immediately sensed this was not right, because she kept insisting I tell her I was the only person at this address with this name! I asked for her number and told her I would call her back.

She was surprised, anxious and could not get me off the phone quick enough!

She said just ring customer services, so I asked her for the number but guess what? She didn't give it to me!!!!!!!

Not very clever really.

But like the others have said, please be aware.

Also, just to point out how clever people are:- my husband has not bought on ebay for over 8 months, he looked this week-end and ebay themselves had suspended his account as someone had tried to use his paypal account to buy stuff!

Happens everywhere I'm afraid, just be very careful.

Good luck all

Very worrying. We will just have to be extra careful. Is there a helpline to report any suspicious calls?
I have replied on the fraud thread however,mine and my sons details were lost inc nat ins number,d.o.b,addy etc :cry:
MY GOD what is this world coming to????? i mean....so many people want to get your money and we...the honest ones...finding it hard to earn it and now,KEEP IT......thanks for letting me know huni xxxxx
Very worrying. We will just have to be extra careful. Is there a helpline to report any suspicious calls?

I don't know if there is, I just rang my bank and informed them. The lady there was very understanding and put me at ease immediately, she said they are all (banks) aware of this sort of thing going on and they have a team of computer experts to work with them just on this sort of fraud.

I do think that these days the banks are all on high alert and they do have very good security protection on the net.

Fingers crossed.

In fact, another story!;- hubby's bank rang to inform us that they had detected someone trying to use his details! (again, what is it with him?!), anyway, they would not let any purchases go through and when they checked with him of course we had not ordered anything. It must have been ebay, that's the only thing we can think of. Not that I'm saying it's not safe, just that these hackers are good.

Keep vigilent!!!!!!!!

i know its a bad thing that these items were sent through the post but if anyone wants your details then most of them go to skips and dump sites and look through the rubbish
i also got a letter from the dept saying my details are amonst the lost ones

all i can say is good luck to them trying to get a loan with my credit rating lol
i got a letter from revenue ppl today saying my details had been amongst those lost im a lil worried but at the end of the day i have literally no money to take so they can try all they like!!!
i get the occasional email pretending to be natwest but i just reply with abuse!!!!!

funniest thing is like mentioned above somewhere i had a phone call i think it was from orange (mobile) wanted to go through my account with me
he asked me for letters 1 and 2 from my password etc and i told him i wasnt giving him anything! to which he replied but its only 2 digits from your four digit password to which i said and what happens whe you ring up next week and ask for the other two?
he was really rude and said what and you would give the out would you knowing iv just asked fo 1&2 and i was like how am i to know whos real who's a fraud!!
so in the end security obviously matters nothing to him as he went through my account with me anyway!!
Maybe I am not understanding the implications properly but her is my take on this.

Identity Fraud is just that someone MAY steal My or MY CHILDREN'S IDENTITIES.

Stealing money from my bank account is the least of my problems as the bank are likely to refund it (if they are in a position to do so)

If however my identity is stolen then that is a whole different ball game, that means someone can pose as ME on paper and cause me problems for life!

I take all necessary precautions shredding, never giving my details unless necessary etc etc.

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