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Apr 4, 2004
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im appealing to all you dog lovers for advice. My hubby works at a dog rescue centre and came home with a beautiful 3 year old german shepherd yesterday. She has the saddest face on the skinniest 4 legs i have ever seen and we have fallen in love with her. It turns out she has a pancreatic problem and we have been advised to put her on a low protein diet. Have you any tips or recommendations to help? Ive so far found out green veg and potatoes! Her name is fearn and she follows us everywhere. I said she could stay if she slept in the kitchen so now she is fast asleep as i type - yup at the side of the bed. Im a sucker for big brown eyes! X
Pet shops, dog food specialists shops and vets all sell different foods that are low in protein, they are usually a dry food mix, they can be expensive but a big bag will probably last 3 or 4 weeks, well worth the money for those big brown eyes hth
thanks louise. We bought a large bag and are feeding her on vets advice 3 times a day but compared to our other two dogs meals it doesnt look too appetising! The other two are like waste disposals lol. X
If you want a low protein dog food give them one with less than 25% protein in... it sometimes goes by the name of 'working dog' food, that's what we had to feed ours and it worked fine...
it lowers their mental energy and they're not so mad (mental wise).
I'd give my nails for HRH to be not to 'mental wise':green:
For my dogs I cook up some rice, pasta and mixed veges. Then you can add in a bit of protein of somesort but the bulk of the meal is the vege mix. But definately get the advice of a vet or try google.
I googled it and there is good information there.
Not only that but this thread is #1 and 2 on the list!
I wish you lots of luck you are doing a wonderful thing:hug:
Autarky is low in protein compared to a lot of others, 21% I think and its very reasonable as its a working dog food so no vat. The mature autarky only has 18%.
We pay approx £15 for a 15kg sack.
thanx all for your help. So it looks like a veg xmas lunch 4 her but better than nothing eh! I took some bedding and dog food to the shelter and i cud bring them all home. Maybe if i ever win the lottery...... X
I wouldn't just give her veg, she'll need some protein, check out the labels on the back of the dog foods, some are obviously lower than others, usually the cheaper the more protein, not always though so best to read the labels.
Its a good idea to put a post on freecycle, I have, requesting anyone with spare blankets, sheets etc. to think of dog rescue centres and to drop them off.
What rescue centre does he work for?
We have a foster puppy with us at the minute who comes from pawzforthought, shes only 7 month but was taken to the vets and told, "put her to sleep shes vicious" she hasn't got a vicious bone in her body, bless her, she's just terrified, god knows what they done to her to make her that scared.
he works at longbenton. Its a long story how he got there. We had a lush german shepherd who died suddenly aged 7. He was my hubbys best mate. Stephen was a lost soul without him. He had his own business with a mate and decided he had no job satisfaction and losing shak made him realise he wanted to work with and help animals. Last xmas he wrote 19 letters to animal centres and got 1 reply. He went along, had a trial and got the job. He is a happy little chap now. Because fern has this condition she doesnt have much hope of being rehomed. Even though she is young people wouldnt want the vet bills etc. Its good that you are helping this pup. How can they tell how such a young pup will turn out. They usually say dogs are still getting their confidence and personality upto the age of 3. I believe its up to the owners to teach, discipline and love them. Dogs are so loyal and their love is unconditional. Hope all goes well with the pup x
You may be surprised, I took on a dalmatian who was to be put to sleep because his owners couldn't afford him anymore as he had urate stones and had a couple of ops due to this.
I've had him 7 months now and no sign of urate stones returning thanks to a decent diet, exercise and weight loss (15kg) he was rather fat when I got him.
Is it the cat and dog shelter?
Good luck with her, she's lucky she found you.

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