made these postcards, please comment.


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Sep 20, 2007
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I have made up a postcard from vistaprint, and was wondering if you could give me advice on content and look.

This is a draft, I have worked on it for a few days, but am happy to change anything, as I've become so absorbed in it, can't see the wood-for-the-trees. A fresh pair of eyes and all that!

Before I post a draft, is this allowed?
Think so hun, why not put it in the gallery and a link to it in here? :hug:
will try, thanks
don't know how to do it, have tried a few times, think I'll put it onto my website and do it that way.
:)It looks great. Fancy a trip to spain I could do with some of them treatments to:)
but does the postcard get the message across?
oh and thanks for the comments, I've worked hard on the website.:lol:
I think the postcard looks fab, not too fussy, clean and simple. The client wont miss the offer!

Can I ask did you use one of their templates or is it designed and uploaded yourself? I ask because you have given me agreat idea to promote my facials!!:green:
I really like the postcard and definately think it gets the message across. Your website looks fab hun xxxxx:)
thanks fifitrix, appreciate it.:hug:
like the postcard, but I find some people don't know what reiki is - perhaps you could put a line in to say what it is? I know that's not easy with just a few words.
excellent point tw
great point TW as i was wondering what Reiki consists of.. SOUNDS fab.. but a short description of the treatment would help..
They look great.. as does your site.. :green:
Looks fab, well done. Wished I lived near you, I would have most of your treatments!:lol:
They look really good , gets the message accross, I saw those on vista as they are discounted at the mo I believe. Keep up the good work
Quick question, you say register for an appointment. So does that mean once they have given you their information you will contact them?
Call me daft but im having an off day today!! xx
that was the plan, to get them to register and then I would ring them. But oey pointed out that she wouldn't bother to register, but suggested that I get them to ring or text in for an appointment.

So will be asking them to phone for an appointment now, as will get their details when I do a consultation.

Its obvious now how my idea was flawed, but when you're doing it yourself, you sometimes can't see the wood for the trees. Thats whats so brill about salon geek.

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