Masters Qualifaction yipee


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Pink Lady J

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Sep 15, 2006
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East Kilbride, Scotland
Hi All

I just thought I'd share my good news with you. That's me re-booked my Masters Qualifaction day and my Brisa.

I'am so happy:). Better get my head back into my notes.

For all who have done it can you answer my question on how hard is it?

Sarah xxx:)
cant answer your question hun, but wanted to say well done and good luck:hug:
Sara, if you just put your usual effort and determination into will be successful.

I thought you knew that manual off by heart anyway :lol:
That's great news!
Good luck!
good luck sarah you will do brill hun xxxx:hug:
Thanks very much for all your kind wishes.:)
Sarah xxx
sarah, thats great news, I've got mine rebooked aswell ... scared now lol
is it the brisa masters your doing or induction?
Can't answer your question but I'm so pleased for you . . . good luck :hug:

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