My beautiful client, now an angel


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Sep 20, 2008
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Hi all
Just wanted to post as im really sad today.
One of my favourite clients closed her eyes forever on Saturday and i am so so distraught.
I saw her through her first cancer,treatment and recovery,her brilliant wedding,listened to her tell me about her travels around the world when she was doing a nursing degree at uni,and have seen her through this last most horrendous fate.
I can ho9nestly say that anyone who says this job isnt personal,or slap a smile on and carry on as its your job,have no idea what it feels like to lose your most regular and long standing clients.She was like a friend,not a client to me.
I have never seen anyone put up such a courageous fight in my life and for her very young 42 years shes been through so so much pain,but my angel friend is now at peace.

And i cant stop crying x
What a lovely post.
I'm so so sorry to hear that! I know exactly what you mean. You grow a special bond with your clients that sometimes is stronger than some friendships.
There's nothing I can say to make you feel better but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you lots of love an hugs
Let the tears flow, it's healing. May your friend rest in peace. :hug:
Thinking of you :hug: she is at peace now xxxxx
I hope that when I pass into the next life I have made as big an impression on someone as this lady has on you. What a beautifully written post but how very, very sad.
Take comfort that your lady is now at peace xxxx
So sorry to hear this sad news. I know exactly what you mean, I've lost 2 of my clients over the years (albeit they were much older) but they had been my clients for a long time and you build up a relationship with them. It's very sad when this happens. Sounds like your client was very lucky to have such a lovely tech though xx
A beautiful post. So sorry to hear this news but after what sounds like a big battle she is now at peace. Thinking of you :hug:
Sorry to hear about your loss. It's heartbreaking to lose anyone, and when it's someone so close it's even worse. My thoughts are with you and her family x
Thanks Everyone.
With working 50 ish hours a week in the salon your clients tend to become friends dont they,and some become special clients/friends.This amazing lady was very special to me and she wouldnt ever let anyone else do her hair bless her!
On her last visit to me a few weeks ago she had only been out of hospital for a few days but wanted a hair cut and on her way out she said
"thank you so much as ever for my hair,i really enjoyed coming to see you today"
Im so glad she felt good about her last appointment here.
So sorry to hear your sad news. My fav client was rushed to hospital over the weekend with a serious case of pnumonia. She is in her 70's but is like a mum to me. I see her every week for a mani and we exchange pressies throughout the year. I'm feeling very sad too and full of foreboding.

She can't have any visitors.

I will include your client in my prayers tonight for my client.

Your client was far too young.

I'm sure she appreciated you as much as you did her.
As a kind geek above said how wonderful this courageous lady has made such an impression you, she must be truly special. That also means you meant a lot to her too lovey and your post shows that too. So sad to hear this news. Sending a big hug to you lovely.

Much love x x x
what a lovely post, made me have a lump in my throat, :hug: xxxx
We have lost clients over the years and are always sad for them.
You spend your life building relationships with clients whilst they trust you with one of the most important things to most women so it has been an absolute honour to be made to feel important to her,which she always did.
Whilst ill in hospital last time her best friend asked me if i would go to her house to cut her hair as she wasnt strong enough to come to far,but being an absolute trooper she was bloody determined to come to the salon as it was her peace and tranquility from all the stress she suffered.

We laughed about her naughty dog who ate her best shoes and weed on her bed while she was away and we talked about how she was feeling emotionally and she compalined about being so thin,to which i replied "stop complaining ive been going to slimming world since August and its not coming off that easy!!!"
She chuckled away as we have a similar humour!!
Massive hugs to you. I lost a lovely client about 7 years ago. She gave me decorations for our christmas tree when my children were born and I still shed a tear and then a smile when I get them out every year. Aren't we lucky to have known so lovely people xx
Oh bless you :hug: andyour lovely client/friend too.

I've lost 2 clients in the past having been there through their treatment ans yes, it's hard :hug:

Im sorry to hear about your friend

Hello hope u r ok. Such sad news, made me cry ( i'm a bit of an emotional wreck lol) thinking of u xx
I'm so sorry that's really sad x
That's so sad! I'm so sorry for you hun! At least she is at peace now, no more suffering for her anymore, just for the friends and family left behind :'( this post made me cry so much, I'm just on my way to do a client! Lol!

Such a lovely post! She will be looking down feeling very honoured to have such lovely words about her.

Lots of love and hugs coming your way xxx

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