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Jul 27, 2005
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Oh geeks can you please give me your advice? I'm having a real staffing issue at the minute with a junior.
Today was the last straw and I'm now hopping mad with her. Allow me to explain. She texted me at 8.30 this morning saying that she had been in hospital since 4 in the morning. She didnt say what was wrong, but told me that she wouldnt be in work today. She does 1-5.30 on wednesdays and at the minute, I have set up training prices to help her get some practice as she is doing the BTEC in college at the minute. So she had a few clients in today.
I said that was fair enuff and to go and get some rest and feel better soon and to let me know if she would be in on sat.
Meanwhile, I phoned my full timer to let her know the situation (wed is my day off). I said I would come in and cover the juniors clients, but she said no, that she would do it as she wasnt too busy.

I just got a phonecall from my full timer to say that the junior had 'popped' into the salon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently she has a kidney infection and they had to put her on dialysis in the hospital to help her kidneys out. That's ok, but there she was walking down the street to go and collect her prescription! Her mum could have got it for her, but apparently she begged her mum to allow her out!!!!! The thing is, her boyfriend lives on the way to the chemist and her parents dont approve of him and she is seeing him on the sly. Anyway, she popped into the salon for a wee chat before going on her merry way. Just as well her clients werent around after having been told that she was ill.

The other things that she does are really grating on me too. She posts stuff on facebook about her training and not liking college which are not appropriate if she's working in her home town. She also got a friend to wax her eyebrows a couple of weeks ago and the 'friend' left her bald on one side. I don't want people thinking that she got it done in my place!

She is quite lazy and spends most of her shift sitting at reception or the nail station. The other day, i saw her sitting at reception with her head in her hand looking like she could drift off at any moment!!! She also messes areound with the appointment book, booking herself and her family in, then taking them out and moving them around and sometimes, they dont even bother showing.

I have had meetings with her about all of this (apart from todays antics) and it just seems to go in one ear and out the other. I have tried incentives, etc, but nothing works. I could go on and on and on about her, but I dont wanna bore you geeks.

What shoul I do? Is it time to say goodbye (this is what my gut is saying) or do I keep trying with it? Bearing in mind that the Christmas period is fast approaching, I need someone reliable who doesnt stress me out all the time and lie about stuff.
I know I can't get rid of her for phoning in sick, that's not the issue. It's what came after and all the stuff thats gone before!!
Help geeks, your advice would really really help me right now.
Why are you keeping her on????

To be fair, just because she's well enough to get her prescription doesn't mean she's well enough to work. However, if she's falling asleep at the desk etc, it sounds like you need to part company. You could always mention it to her tutor at college.

I would sit her down and have a nice friendly chat with her. Explain that beauty is a career where you have to give it 100% and see if she changes her ways. I doubt it! xx
I would contact her college and ask them if they could recommend a more willing candidate.
Sounds like you have given her many chances. I would not want someone who sat around all day looking bored....there is always cleaning to be done, stock checks etc.
Perhaps have one more word with her and not mention the hospital thing in case she takes this as being insensitive but talk to her in general about her attitude.
Good luck
I agree with what has been said so far and perhaps one more "serious" word may be the way to go. But that said, when I was a college good placements were like "hens teeth". I know because where I ended up was just awful and I spent a year running errands for my boss and the other therapists (i was old enough to be their mother at the time) but I HAD to do the placement to get my qualification. I guess what I am saying is i would have been thrilled to work for a salon owner who was willing to advertise for clients for me and help me learn, so maybe the college will have someone a bit more deserving they could send your way, just a thought. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
Lee-Anne x
Hey Kim,
Yeah, I know what you mean, but if you phone in sick to work, you don't pop in for a chat!!
I've had about 3 chats with her and she's promised every time, but nothing changes. She doesn't even know if she wants to be in college. I told her that beauty needs 110% but like i said in one ear and out the other!!!
Thanks Leemac.
Its true about good placements. I know that I make my salon a great place to work and I am quite a lenient boss, but I have made it clear that i WILL NOT be walked over. She is just taking advantage of my good nature and that makes me feel like a fool at times.
She asks my full timer to do tans and nails on her when I'm not there - and she can't even have anything on her nails because of college! It's putting the full time girl in an awful position.
The thing is, she doesn't even need the placement. In the BTEC over here, placement isnt necessary. She could just get away with going to college for 2 years but I'm trying to help her out and feeling more jaded about the whole thing as each day goes by.
I know that there are so many more deserving girls out there who want to work and show initiative. They are the ones I think will benefit more from my help.
personally i would have a firm word with her and state that you would like some changes on her part, on a probation period. Give her a second chance and see if shes willing to change, If she doesnt maintain a standard that you expect then let her know you will be hiring someone else.

You cant discriminate against illness, and ask that in the future any sick leave that she requires the doctors note.

Keep it serious and she know not to mess with you that way. Ifs shes good at her job praise her to keep her ambition alive, i wouldnt knock someone down when i know they're not well, but would let them know to sort their stuff out and keep her personal life out of the way of you business! You've obviously kind enough to let her have a client base, simply let her know your trying to help her and hopefully this will help her out! Good luck! xoxo
She had dialisis for a kidny infection ? Seems extreem ....

When mine mess up I get antibiotics.....

When it used to happen in Italy they gave me a drip lol and a scan .... But not dialisis.....
Thanks wonderwoman. I know I can't discriminate against illness - ive had it done to me before and it just isnt cool. Its the fact that she came into the salon for a wee chat when she was supposed to be ill.
It's like someone working in an office, calling in sick that morning, then popping in for a while after lunch just to catch up!!

I feel like I've given her so many chances recently, so I guess one more won't hurt!
I think you know thats shes a capable worker but you need to highlight her problems and hopefully she'll come round...the doctors note always hightlights liars. Also lets her know you mean buisness and that theres loads other ppl that fill her shoes!

So random that shes wandering around after dialysis?!! i would call her in the future and say make sure you bring in the doctors/hospital note that you've been in there as you need it for your records and the colleges, it will scare her not to fail on her responsibilites and that its the real world!! xoxo
She had dialisis for a kidny infection ? Seems extreem ....

When mine mess up I get antibiotics.....

When it used to happen in Italy they gave me a drip lol and a scan .... But not dialisis.....

Sorry but I have just picked myself up off the floor from laughing so much. Dialysis ...... who is she trying to kid! She would of been kept in a minimum of 24hours and then bed rest (it's not a simple treatment) Sorry to say the little poppit is having one over on you! If her lies are this elaborate now what happens down the line?? I would get rid now and save yourself the trouble

I normally am the one to say sit down have a chat etc but she is taking the piss!! I am sure there are loads of girls out there that would love to be in her shoes. At the end of the day SHE is making YOUR business look unprofessional by the way she acts,not just by doing one thing but many and she is getting paid for it!!!
I would let her go and take someone that would love the chance to work in your salon.

Good Luck xxx

Great idea about ringing local colleges
I think you know thats shes a capable worker but you need to highlight her problems and hopefully she'll come round...

I dont even think she is capable anymore. She just tries to get away with the least amount of work possible - the other times, she's on her phone or sitting doing nothing.
I've talked to her about her phone and also talked to her about sitting about. I've told her there is always something to be doing and there is no excuse to be lazing around.
She is a lovely girl, but I'm not sure whether I can take her any further and her lies really irritate me.

Completely agree with the last comment. As a nurse, I can confirm that you do not have dialysis for one kidney infection, dialysis is for kidney failure and if you have kidney failure you will not be walking around looking well, you look I'll, have no energy and so on. So, the girl has spun you a yarn, to put it politely. Employment law states that you have to give somebody a verbal warning, then a couple of written warnings then you are out on your ear. I would suggest that to keep it all above board, I would give her a final written warning telling her one more wrong move and she's out, and then ring the college up and let them know what's been going on. As already stated, I am sure there are loads of other students who would love to have a placement with you.
Staff never get better. They get worse if they are lazy and bored to begin with. You are flogging a dead horse here. Let her go as quick as possible and give the position to somebody who dererves a break and will appreciate the opportunity.
I used to be a dialysis nurse and NEVER heard of anyone who was not already in renal failure, having dialysis for an infection :rolleyes:. It is a HUGELY expensive treatment for the NHS.
If she has less than a year's employment with you, there is no need to go through a disciplinary procedure.

I can't help thinking that she is wasting a golden opportunity that most girls would jump at. If she doesn't value it, why not give one of them the chance?
What I would personally do is have a formal meeting with her and start by carefully challenging her dialysis claim ( "Ive been talking to a nurse with expertise in this area" ,which you have, via this site, "and she expressed shock that the hospital treated your infection with dialysis" If she's telling the truth you'll be able to tell!
I would then go on to outline your OTHER concerns. Have them listed in writing, and get her comments. Then set tight targets (behaviour not financial), with tight time frames, and sit down and review her progress on set days, at set times. Get her to sign your minutes of your meetings and agreed outcomes. (It won't go that far, she'll leave before then)
It makes my blood boil too as I know people genuinely on dialysis and if she's lying it's appalling.
You answered your own question in your first post. She isn't hungry for it, doesn't seem to care about the job or her customers, doesn't seem to care about the opportunity being offered to her and isn't motivated. There are plenty of others out there who would like the opportunity.

Time to say Goodbye!
To be honest I dont know that digging into her health claims too much would be very productive. So you will both know she is busted and lied but she wont admit so. It doesnt get you any closer to solving your issue.

In my opinion she doesnt want to be there, hairdressing is not what lights her fire and she wakes up every day thinking of how she can get out of going to work, not what she can do when shes there. Yes she lied but it was not personal, she just doesnt want to be there and she wasnt smart enough to come up with a plausible sickie.

For both of your sakes its better that she leave. After all you are not her parent trying to make her do something she doesnt want to, people do have a tendancy to treat their bosses like parents when they are young.

Have a look at the paperwork to do with the scheme. If she has come from a college then there may be info about how dismissal is handled. If not just let her go like you would any employee.

Sit down, explain things and the reasons why you will have to let her go and you may even find she tells you that she didn't like it anyway.

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