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Well all it said on the lable was Nail ingridiends where listed..................
So a Technician would not kow what was in there................
So nothing on the label said MMA, but also it didn't say EMA..........

love Ruth xxxx
As far as i am aware, you are right, they do need to be listed. Im off to Portugal now to see my mum, but will call my Trading Standards man on Monday morning. Mums got a computer so i can post his answer.

Gosh, i am sad, cant even go on holiday without thinking about nails!
I think this is correct, but should'nt the contents of "Nail Liquid" be printed on the container.. Is it legal to sell a chemical without listing these. :?: This could be a starting point with Trading Standards and Health and Safety.

Just thinking out loud, every little thing helps in controlling the use of MMA regarding where it can be used and where it cannot be used.
This is a great start to the MMA situation. I would also like to add my congrats to Nail Star whos idea it was to get the sample tested in the first place. Its great to work as a team and even better to know that we are all in this together. Its the only way to raise the standards of both nail techs and suppliers who are not up to our good standard!
Sawasdee ka

I would like to ask if the bottle of liquid said no mma .

It is up to the nail tech to find safe good products to use and if the bottle did not say no mma techs who know about mma would not buy or use it .
because it not say no mma .

I have said all the time many many many people do not know they are using mma because they have never heard the word mma .

Before i come geek i not know of mma and when i see about mma i go look my liquid .

When nail tech buy from big American or England company we do not think that they would be allow to sell not safe good product with mma .

Many nail tech not bad for use mma them not know education about mma or if company sell them product with mma and not tell them .

No body should have in salon or use bottle that does not have sticker say no mma .

Kop khun ka mui
Geeks and Geekettes... please stay constructive. Lets ensure this thread doesnt start to go sour. ;)
Changing the topic slightly but still on the subject on NailMart, i know it is up to the individual shop to charge what they like for an item (at least i think it is) but i would just like to point out that when i was looking for a nail desk a while ago i saw one in Nail Marts Catalogue, when i rang up they said including VAT it would be £299.99. I couldn't afford this and decided to keep on looking.

Then i spoke to Josephine and she gave me a different place where I found EXACTLY the same desk for £150.00 including VAT :D (thank you babe). Now call me picky, but i'd say that Nail Mart were overcharging?!

I know it's up to each Nail Tech to shop around until they find what is best for them, money and product wise. But i thought this really takes the biscuit. It's not £50 or £75 more, it's twice the price! :o :D

So if any Nail techs out there were thinking about buying the Nail Marts Desk, pm me and i'll let you know where you can get the same one for half the price. ;)
... I thought I'd post a reply considering it was I who posted the very first topic!!!! :shock:

From the moment I first saw their ad in the Professional Beauty Exhibition programme I was sure that this was going to be the outcome. I then took a look on the website which was confirming my fears even more. But we had to do it the right way and now we know the results are positive I would like to add a couple of things:

Firstly, I think Mr Read should re-think the way he tries to get his point across as the way he came out and openly attacked me when I was merely pointing something out that could be dangerous for the nail industry as a whole was quite sad when he didn't even know the facts and..

..secondly, I started this topic as I felt, and still feel, that it was important for the whole of the nail industry to be aware that this stuff is still being sold right under our noses. Everyone needs to be vigilant and look out for the obvious signs of MMA.

I for one am hoping that the Nail Mart now stops selling MMA liquid full stop. I also would like to think that Nails (Uk) would do an article regarding this for the next issue (December).

Mr Pham may not thank me for bringing this whole topic up but do I care - NO! If he thought for one minute that he could get away with selling this stuff without anyone noticing he was clearly mistaken.

Thank you Mr Geek and the lab team at Creative for finding this out. Your help is very much appreciated.

The Geek

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK

As some of you will recall... There was a discussion about a company called 'Nail Mart' in the UK that was suspected of selling monomers containing MMA.
Ruth (Nailsinlondon1) sent me a small bottle a few weeks ago and I had Doug Schoon's team at the CND lab test it.

I have just received an email from James Duff who works in the lab...
James Duff said:
Sorry for the delay. Our GC/MS in R&D is down so I had to have QA run the test. The sample you sent to Doug (Liquid Nail Mart from Nails Beauty
Supply) done contain MMA as the primary component. If you need a copy of the GC trace (and an accompanying explanation of the trace) let me know and I'll fax it to you. Let me know if you need anything else.


Well kiddies... There you have it. Nail Mart is selling MMA monomer. I assume that takes care of that ;)
I also assume that Joby Read and Nails (uk) magazine will be reviewing their relationship with them.

You can find the original post here:

just to let you know that someone must have tipped off mr Kin Pham of Nail Mart.i received a price list from them this morning and hand written next to monomer is " non mma now available". i had sent for a price list as i was looking for a nail neon sign ....i wonder who tipped him off :huh:
From what I understood... They have been trying to 'Phase out' MMA... but even if they now offer non MMA monomers... then that must mean they still offer MMA monomers doesnt it?

This is a very serious issue that dramatically affects the consumer perception of our industry (lord knows the amount of MMA threads that exist on this site alone). I find it sad that people are profiting off the heavy damage to our industry.

He might be the nicest guy in the world... that doesnt mean he is not aiding in the loss of consumer confidence and the demolition of a chunk of all of our businesses.
I was honestly hoping that I was wrong and that their monomer didn't contain MMA.....................

But I had my doubts, because as the chap on the phone said they where phasing it out......................
But they still did send me a MMA monomer sample and didn't ask me if I would prefere the EMA instead............
Not good..............
But if after this, they will with draw it from the stock I will be more then pleased..........
If they don't then it's a sad state of affairs I think

love Ruth xxxxxx
perhaps after reading this Joby Read and Nails (uk) magazine may write an article concerning this matter and maybe do a closer analysis of the companies they deal with :study:
debbie :D
How many other companies are out there openly selling this stuff????!!!! and how many unsuspecting techs have bought it?.............

Can we stop them coming to our exhibitions for 'professionals' ?

soooo many questions :?: :?: :?:
debbienailz said:
do a closer analysis of the companies they deal with :study:

Remember... It was hard enough for us to get a test done... Don't know how any magazine could manage to test all their advertisers ;)

I can only hope Ruth is right in the fact that they will cease and dissit selling MMA to anyone.
Well lets hope so............

This is a matter of goodwill I feel and it would be very hard to test all Exibhitors products for any non ehtical ingredients...........
So the ball is in their court I feel, lets hope they play ball and do the decent thing................. they can always refuse to sell it and that would be a huge good will gesture for our Industry and could lead the way for many others to follow suit............

But hey I am a dreamer or is it optimist and would like to live in a perfect world......allas not so............!!!!!!!

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
I wonder what the MSDS on their product listed? That would be rather interesting!
... would like to thank Jim Duffy from the R&D team at CND for helping us clarify this issue!! I would also appreciate the reactions of others that we support within our industry who have done business with Nail Mart. BTW don't tell me Nail Mart didn't know about this :shock: :? If Mr Pham stops selling the product 'period' then that is a good start. The fact remains that Nail Mart have been knowingly selling this product for sometime!! That in itself is something to be concerned about!!! The truth always comes out in the end hey :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :? :shock: :thumbsup:
i think its great that ruth has already made a difference :D !! at least peeps know now :? and if they do stop selling the stuff then thats one less mma selling outfit!
so round of aplause to ruth and the geek who got it tested! your both already making a difference to peoples lives and saving their poor old fingers, the mma police are realy on the ball now 8) ! so watch out :shock:
Yes, well done Ruth and Mr Geek! :thumbsup:

I feel so sorry for any Nail Technicians who may have unwittingly brought the product! I would be devastated if I found out I'd been unknowingly putting MMA on my clients nails! :(

I'm already pleased that I chose to do Creative training and this confirms that Creative products are worth every penny. At least every Creative Nail Technician can have peace of mind that the products they are using do not contain MMA!

Well done Ruth and Mr Geek - keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

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