Naming salons-what,how & why?


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Jul 5, 2010
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Hi fellow geeks

There seems to be a lot of posts regarding naming salons/mobile etc

So was just wondering....

What is the name?
How did you come up with it?
Why is it called that?

Sorry if i am being nosey :)

I named mines Blossom, I started in nails but have been constantly adding new treatments since, so needed something that would cover everthing, it was actually my son that came up with it, he originaly said cherry blossom, I liked the ides of blosom, it made me think of blossoming, or blooming, then my tag line came Blossom beauty, helping you bloom, it's really hard coming up with a name I think,x

Mine was pretty easy...i have a home treatment room and live in a converted barn so named it after the building (Croft) and Treatment Room coz it covers all the treatments i offer currently and allows me to add more moving forwards.


I came up with guru holistics as I wanted something I could shorten, I call the company guru for short as it is snappy.

I also called it that because it was tongue in cheek (very tongue in cheek) as some people who come for a treatment or training look at me as if I'm a guru, but I am no guru!

I like a glass or three of wine, eat chocolate every day and don't meditate, wheras they think I hover 3 inches in the air whilst I meditate, eat tofu and knit my own sandals! ha!ha!
haha love it hippy chick,i remember when my boyfriends dad said to him he should take me out for chinese and my boyfriend said chinese is not a good choice she is a vegetarian to which he reply i have seen her eating sweets and drinking diet coke!!! He thought a vegetarian was a health freak nothing to do with not eating animals lol
Love the name!!

Rich so clever naming if after the building itself.

Ruth blossom is a gorg name love the tag line!!

I work in a salon(hair)and do mobile but never named it,think i would change my mind to many times..

Love hearing the stories behind the name

I started out doing only nails, but soon decided I wanted to do more things besides to increase my earning potential so I wanted something to do with beauty but not limited to nails.

I opted for fusions to tag on to the end as I think beauty is a fusion of everything and can incorporate many things, so I could add more treatments as and when I wanted to. :green:

I like it :green:

All praise to my Brother in Law. It was a rather drunken night in Munich and I'd announced my plans to launch a male only waxing business.

After quite some time in pensive thought - he just blurted out "The Back and Beyond". It stuck!

Best of luck with finding something that suits!
J x
After quite some time in pensive thought - he just blurted out "The Back and Beyond". It stuck!

That is the best name ever especially for the treatment you are doing! Love it!

Mine is Golden Honeyz as it is just spray tanning and I dont really plan on doing anything else. I would love to open a tanning salon one day and my son came up with Tan Centre (as everyone near as says Town Centre e.g where the shops are but being Londoners we say Tan Centre!) unfortunately that name has been taken :cry: so back to the drawing board :rolleyes:
Well I'm named Claire so wanted something to incorporate that, and although I only do nails at the minute I hope to incorporate beauty treatments in to it, so my friend came up with Beautique and it stuck.
Mine is the Nail & Beauty Angel. I have a thing about Angels and believe we all have our guardian angel. I am like an angel to my clients, pampering them and making them fel good anout themselves. Cheesy, but thats me. :)
I've found it really hard finding a name for my mobile business so at the moment it is my name, Kizzy Bass Mobile Beauty. Its plain simple and to the point and is ok for now but will change it eventually as I'm not overly taken with it!
Love all the stories behind the names and I just wish I had the imagination to come up with one as good!
Loved hippy chicks post, very funny!
im called sarah marr so my business is called Marr-Velous Nails and beauty. It was a facebook post that found me my name. one of my friends came up with it.
Relax & Revive, i wanted people to know i want them to feel relaxed at my salon and also feel revived after the treatment
Teri x:):lol:

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