Not Nails related......but I am having a great time


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi gang, ;)
just had to share this with you.... 8) ........
I have just started Airbrush Tanning. I love it.. :thumbsup: ................
My poor hubby, bless him, has now got the coolest tan. :king: No mess either.
I made him jump in the shower scrub his little body, then sprayed him.
He threatend me with a divorce if I made him go to work looking like a zebra lol. As if I would do that to him????????????(Maybe)
So i have now got another hobby lol :flower:
Might even make some money with this too?
I thought I might do airbrush tanning party's. :idea: You know like tupperware but with less plastic containers lol. More like Ann Summers, Hubby reckons lol. :silly:
But I had this idea, gonna call it "A girls night in".
Offer airbrush tanning and nails in an party setting.
A Saturday night party thingy. :thumbsup:
Will keep you posted on the success of this new venture.
love Ruth xx :queen: xx

P.S. Also like the geek, who has the coolest idea's, I opend up a cafepress shopping area too.........
Hi Ruth,

I am excited for you and your new adventure, the idea about the parties sounds great. Arent husbands fun to practice on, now you might have to teach him how to do the spraying so you too can be brown and beautiful. Good luck.
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