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Mar 10, 2004
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Ok, had to tell somone who would understand!!! (husband is looking at me like I have lost it)

After having a one to one with NSi last week(Im alreay qualified but wasnt happy with my nails), i now have the confidence to let myself lose on Joanne Public, so set off today to put some flyers through doors, did about 200 i guess. Anyway someone has just phoned and booked in for Thursday.

I am excited, scared, worried, happy you name it, but really hoping this is the start of my new career, doing something I enjoy.

Sorry just had to share
Congratulations ... may that call be the first of many!!
Well done Bugs! The first of many, go for it! :biggrin:
good for you hun isnt it a great feeling!! hold onto that :green: :cool:
congrats and best wishes!!
Nice one babe, may you go from strength to strength...........
Most definately Congrat's and Good Luck! I'm sure you'll do a lovely job on Thursday and there on out. I already know you'll have fun!
Well Done Bugs !!!
Good Luck with Thursday ...
Im sure it will all go well for you!
Congratulations and good luck...brings back memories of my first call :)
congrats,hope it is the first of many , love dee
You will love it..the first is the best....

Hope you get a real buzz out of this client, I found it slightly scary but far more exciting .
Fair play!!!

Best of Luck, fantastic news.
Congratulations and good luck with Thursday.
Thanks everyone, it make life so much easier then you have some support!!! I have just had another reply and she wants to book an appointment. Im soooooooo chuffed. Right Im off to deliver some more.
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