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Jan 23, 2007
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i am so excited i wonna shout it from the roof tops , this time next week i will be my own boss , ive got a room to rent ive been doin nails now for six month and have built up a good client base , my boss has handed me the reins and given me the rooom from which i was workin as an enployeee. so as off from monday next week i will have my own business i am so excited ,, its early days for me yet but im gettin more confident day by day and this site has helped me loads thanks guys x xx
well done and best of luck xxx
keep us informed of how its going xxxxx
What a nice boss and how exciting, good luck in your new venture :hug:
Good luck how exciting! x :hug:
good luck hun and very well done xxx:green:happy for you xx
Good luck, you won't look back, hope you do really well xx
good luck and best wishes. :) x
Congratulations. Does this mean your boss will not have anything to do with what goes on in that room now then? Would you do anything different than when she was your boss?
Good luck.:hug:
Good luck and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!
Good luck to you:)
thanks everyone , just ordered my stock today ........... cant wait now ......

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