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Aug 1, 2005
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It's been a while since I have put any work in to be critiqued so thought I would add these.


different angle


these are a variation on the blue sculpts that were inspired by ONS (to see blues sculpts click link)
WOW! i always love your work..just absolutely stunning!:):):)
Truly amazing work Sheryl, as always ... if only you lived a little nearer to me ... :lol:
The moste beautifull nails i have ever seen..............great job!!!
They are absolutely beautiful Cheryl - please tell us what system you used and how you achieved the colouring effects.

How practical are they to wear - I couldnt cope with that length.
wow totally amazing !!!
Absoloutley georgous xx
the line of light on those is out of this world....they are stunning. x
:oCheers guys for the wonderful feedback. :hug:

The length isn't too bad for me, although they are impractical when doing the spring cleaning, lol I managed to snap one when cleaning the windows.:eek::lol:

I used CND l&p for the custom blend, I used reverse technique and then the free edge was created with EZflow l&p, which I shaped into the curves with the point of my brush. HTH
I'm speechless! Just stunning.
Absolutely fantastic - I can not believe how amazing they are - you are one talented lady - and to create such fantastic art work on yourself is unbelievable - had to score you 5 for everything (even length even tho they would be too long for me)!

I have to say I am truly humbled by your work :hug::hug: I wish I could be half as good as you well done :hug::hug:
WOW, wow, wow!!!!! Amazing!!! Love them!! :)
Wow, breath taking, really amazing!!
10/10 from me hun they are just fantastic love love love going off to play now lol xx
I absolutely love these they are gorgeous!!!
I want some and i want them NOW !!!!
Fanbloodytastic, hotdiggatydawg, speachless, they are great!:hug:
Is the dark pink mardi gras or hurricane?
wow,they are just amazing.i would love to have some of these.i would wear them exactly how they are now.they are just fab.what gorgeous work you do.:)

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