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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
HowdA All

Mrs Geek, the Geeklins and I are very much nJoying our vacation so far down here in very hot and humid Florida.

It has been brought to my attention that is currently out of whack. This is due to the domain name registrars screwing up some IP information on their side of things. They are currently in the process of resolving it; however this process can take upwards of 48 hours.

In the meantime, the site is still fully functional under however a few elements here and there may go squiffy (like clicking on the occasional link in a post). If you are surfing the site and you suddenly get a 'Page can not be displayed' error, check the URL in the address bar to make sure that it doesnt say www.thenailgeek .com somewhere in it. If it does, simply replace that part of the URL with and 'Bobs your uncle' so to speak.

I have re-tweaked the home page as much as possible to work with the address so most of that functionality has been restored.

Now Im back off to nJoy the rest of our vacation. Ill check in here and there to make sure everything is working as best as possible, but I may not be availible for PM's, emails, or posts unless urgent.

If you are having problems, go ahead and reply to this thread and if its major or a quick fix; Ill do my best to get it sorted when I can.

Toodles and nJoy

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