Reading, a dying hobby?


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Jul 28, 2013
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It's interesting - When I was younger I always read, I never had a TV growing up. It used the imagination I must say but any free time was spent outdoors in the woods, playing, not seen much these days either, sadly.

I never read novels, nor do I these days - I don't have the time for fiction reading. It doesn't interest me at all. Anything that I can learn from I will read but these days it is generally though a computer not a paperback.

I think there will always be the need for novels and fiction reading some people just love it. Children should read more, for some these days they can not read, write or spell. Shocking.
I think people are either readers or they're not. I've always read voraciously, and now as an author, I see the other side of the coin. Those that don't read will never be persuaded to buy my novels, and it doesn't matter how many five star reviews I get on Amazon.
It's a shame, because reading, combined with travel, broadens the mind, and exposes us to points of view outside of our own sphere of reference.
I've been staggered by the numbers of people buying my books, so really don't believe that it's dying off.
Ooh Persianista An Author - Well Done You.!
Would love to speak with you as need a 'ghost writer'!

As for reading dying out I have had this conversation with many people.
I can see libraries being a thing of the past in fact in my county there has been huge petitions to stop closures of lots of smaller libraries.

I think Persianista it depends who your target market is. Yes people of a certain age are still reading novels, fiction and non- fiction.
This thread was referring to children.I also read a statistic somewhere relating to the amount of 7 yr olds that even possess a book it was so low!

So with that in mind yes reading a book could be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. How sad!
I am a reader, and have been for as long as I can remember.
Enid Blyton may be out of vogue now and the stories dated, but the Famous Five books fuelled my imagination when I was young with the added bonus that I would want to go out and play hoping for an adventure once I finished a book.
One Christmas I got a boxed set of all the Narnia books and I was over the moon!
I then progressed to The Nancy Drew books, which is probably why I still read detective thrillers.

Surely there must still be books out there that fire children's imaginations...Harry Potter did, Tracy Beaker books did, and isn't there a series of books about a boy spy Alex Ryder which are good?

Nowadays I love my Kindle, I love the fact I can read a book review in the Sunday papers and download it right away and be engrossed in it before Sunday dinner!

One of my great nieces is never without a book in her hand, my 4 year old great niece has had a story read to her every night of her life and won't sleep until she picks a book from her bookcase and has a story read. Will she grow up to sit and read a book though?
We shall see ;) she does love using an iPad !

Personally I think Books and reading will never die out, reading is an essential part of our development, firing imaginations and building our knowledge.
I read tonnes of books, and write books and articles, but I'm strictly non-fiction! I read on world religion, mythology and folklore, with particular emphasis on medieval and early modern traditional witchcraft. I spend most of my money on books, and probably buy a book or two a week, and as the sorts of books I read are specialist in nature, they have costed me as much as £650 a book, although some I own are now worth much more than that. I like paper books, and love the art of binding in leather; I just can't get on with e-readers!

I think there are less children reading now, and I'm sure this is why we see an ever diminishing vocabulary used by children and why they seem to know so little. People always blame schooling, but I think I learnt more from home reading. My family always encouraged this, they always bought me books as part of my birthday and Christmas presents, when I was little my mum and dad read to me at night, then as I got older we were always allowed time when going to bed to read before switching the lights off, and we had a weekly family trip to the local library, which was my idea of heaven!
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I love to read when time permits these days. Holidays in the sun allows me to get my nose stuck in a good book and it has to be a book. I will not be getting a kindle or the likes.
I have loads of books still from my childhood. There is something nostalgic for me in opening an old book, it has a certain smell. I used to love all the Enid blyton books from the famous five, the magic faraway tree and to the delightful ladybird books. Who can forget Janet and John and another fave of mine was Teddy Robinson.
I don't know the reading curriculum at school these days as I don't have children but I remember reading loads at school. It was important. Was it the 3 r's? Reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic or was that just a northern thing.
Anyway yes I agree it would be such a shame if books were a thing of the past. My ideal of a evening in is not to play on a computer game or watch the latest movie. It would be to cosy up, on my own, peace and quiet with a good book and a glass of wine. If only.........

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I love to read, but due to anxiety issues I find it hard to keep focused now :-(

My daughter cannot read (2 years old) but she loves books. We have a lot and I ask people to buy books as presents. We also take her to the local library for their story time group, and just with us when I am going out of my mind from reading her the same stories over and over.

When I was little, my step dad really encouraged me to read (bedtime story, trips to the library and books as rewards for good school reports), so I have a good example!

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My daughter adores reading. She never goes to bed without a book - usually Roald Dahl, diary of a wimpy kid or the horrible science ones.

She always loved books, but then so did I. She's an incredible little reader, well beyond her age.

Children do what they learn. Sadly, if they're not shown a love for books, how do they learn? Like most things, it comes down to the parents.

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My 12yr old daughter reads, she's sat reading at the minute.
I read a lot as a child, but now....
It's all I do, I read, every day, sometimes all day, I almost get niggly if I'm dragged away.
Thursday I sat reading my kindle during 2hour tattoo lol.
I love supernatural fiction n I'm currently on Christine Feehan.
I start the day with coffee n kindle n I end the day with bed n kindle :)
I love reading.. And I love books... My house is practically groaning under the weight of all the books I have....
Wow thank you everyone for the response its great to hear there is still so many passionate readers out there and those that want to pass it on to their children... no offense to any that don't just as long as society isn't completely ruining the innocence and thrill of something so magical it's all good :)
Obviously reading will always be around well maybe until the day they can for us with a chip to immediately impart knowledge but lets hope the printed threadbound books still stick around and withstand the test of time :)
I love reading. At times because of my anxiety disorder I can't focus well but other times when I'm anxious I can lose myself in a book and it calms me.

I love the feel and smell of having a new book to read but since the launch of Kindle and Kobo I'm an avid ereader. In fact since having Kobo ive read more books than ever before. . . I've also spent a fortune because they're so readily available.

Reading is a wonderful escape. My 8 year son loves books and slowly but surely ive been encouraging my husband to read more.

Great thread xx

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I read this thread as Reading ( the Place ) a dying hobby.I thought what do people especially do there then...oh dear.Age creeping up on me.:biggrin:
I love reading - young adult fantasy is what I read most.

My children aged 7 and 9 love all roal Dahl (can't spell!) beast quest, famous five, Mallory towers and the books by David walliams.

Jemima :)
Our lives would be very different without books.
I know mine would; I made my living through them for 35 years- teaching-and still do some English GCSE tuition.

In my spare time I would be bereft without them, although I went over to Kindle this year as the paper versions were taking over the house.

Just had a week of being poorly, and have got through quite a few of my unread downloaded titles!

The highlight of my week is hearing my granddaughters, aged 4 and 6, read to me :Love:
I too think you're either a reader or you're not...I've always been a reader! Even when I was tiny I was always reading, my auntie had a "library" section at her house and I must have read everything in there (for my age group!) and spent hours going through it :) I always have a book on the go, though it's usually a e-version on my kindle app on my phone or iPad
I don't read unless I can give a book a lot of not a chapter a night before I sleep I wish i could be.
I'm a quick reader and I like to read a broad range on my recent holiday I read Dawn Lathams books and thoroughly enjoyed them and Inbetween I read a thousand splendid suns,Rod Stewarts autobiography and Schapelle Corbys book about getting caught for drug smuggling in Bali.
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Me too gillian, I want to read a book in one sitting, and these days I find it harder to find the time...
If I try to read a chapter, I will be up for hours!

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Thanks Gillian xx I love hearing that people have read my work.

One of my childhood memories was visiting the local library every week with my mum. I was allowed three books. I chose two, and mum would choose one for me.

I purposely don't read while I'm writing, as I don't want another author to influence my 'voice'. I miss it terribly, and am planning a little break after Christmas, as my new book should be out by then. I'll immerse myself in some great stories for a couple of weeks till I get the itch to start a new tale...

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