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Nov 20, 2008
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Slough, Berkshire
Evening geeks

I had a lady who came in for a gel repair. 5 days after I did them.

As she's a new client, and she had her mum come to me, I decided I won't charge her for the first time for the repair.

When she told me her nail came off, I booked her in, when she came there was 3 that had come off!

I at least expected her to ask me " how much is that?" But she didn't and assumed it would be free, which I wasnt very happy with. Obviously she hasn't been on my website where is clearly says after 2 days all repairs will incur a charge.

Any suggestion on how to put up a polite notice in the salon, to say that there is a charge after 2 days.
I always make clear to people what the price will be after the consultation, before I begin with the service. Then they have the choice of carrying out the work or not.
Have you taught about digital photo frame?

Put loads of your work, other treatments, treatments that go well together + information about repairs and stuff.

And client will be entertained for a while :)
Digital photo frame sounds good!

Slight problem is my nail desk doesn't have space!
:( can't you get it on the wall somewhere or attach it to the lamp?
I have bay windows on one side and double doors and blinds to section room off when I have clients. On one wall I've got a big mirror, and certificates.
I want something that's in thur face!
Give them an "information leaflet" on aftercare and follow on prices for repairs.
Give them an "information leaflet" on aftercare and follow on prices for repairs.

That's a good idea!
I give them aftercare leaflets.

Do you have a certain period where If something happens to their nails, you don't charge for repairs?
I always charge for repairs. It sends the wrong message to give freebies x

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I would always charge for repairs too unless there a regular client. The odd time I would tell them it's ok but like that I don't make a habit of it. If I do a free repair this time next time I would say something like " now your all sorted with your nails that's xxxx pounds for repair" I usually don't have any problems.

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